Option: Regional subdomains

Instead of having a single website with a very confusing website architecture, you can create subdomains for each specific region. In many cases, each dedicated subdomain has a region name added to a domain name. It looks like newyork.sitename.com or baltimore.sitename.com.

You can select one of two options to check keyword rankings of the regional subdomain projects. As an example, we'll take a sitename.com website with newyork.sitename.com and baltimore.sitename.com regional subdomains.

  1. Create a project sitename.com
  2. Add a search engine, e.g, Google.
  3. Add locations, e.g., New York City and Baltimore.
  4. Set Include subdomains.

Switch between locations on the Ranks page to view and analyze local keyword rankings. Data will be pulled for every subdomain that matches a location you add in the settings.

One project Include subdomains Locations
  1. Create newyork.sitename.com, baltimore.sitename.com projects
  2. Add a search engine for every project, e.g., Google.
  3. Add locations (newyork.sitename.com - New York City, baltimore.sitename.com - Baltimore).
  4. Set Do not include subdomains.

To view keyword rankings, pick a project and move to the Ranks page. The tool will pull data from every regional subdomain to a separate project.

Two projects Do not include subdomains

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