Summary on the Ranks page

Summary allows to track and analyze several metrics at the same time: Dynamics, Average Position, Visibility, and keyword distribution across TOPs ((1-3/1-10/11-30/31-50/51-100 и 100+).

To track progress and compare data (e.g. with your competition), use Advanced Summary. Advanced Summary displays Average Position dynamics or visibility (a metric of your choice) on the chart over the applied period.

Know before you go

Applied period

Summary data is displayed and compared for the applied period. To pick another period, access the Calendar settings on the dashboard and choose a time frame.


Pick one of the calendar presets, e.g., Last 7 days.

Last 7 days
Pick any two dates.

Two dates
The data will be calculated and displayed for the applied period. In other words, the tool compares the first and the last date of the period.

How we calculate Keyword distribution percentages

The keyword distribution block is divided into the segments: Top 1-3, Top 1-10, 11-30, 31-50, 51-100 and 100+ (all keywords that ranked outside of TOP 100). For every segment, the tool calculates numerical and percentage data. The following segments make 100%: -10, 11-30, 31-50, 51-100, 100+.

Data types
How we calculate Visibility

We use the following algorithm to calculate Visibility:

Visibility formula
where ∑ - total sum, i - keyword serial number, n - the keyword count, "!freq" - search volume, k - reducing coefficient.

This is how we calculate the coefficient:

TOP 1-3: k = 1;
TOP 4: k = 0.85;
TOP 5: k = 0.6;
TOP 6-7: k = 0.5;
TOP 8-9: k = 0.3;
TOP 11-15: k = 0.1;
TOP 15-20: k = 0.05.

The reducing coefficient is equal to 0 (k = 0) if a keyword is outside of TOP 20 or TOP 100.

Please note that you need to track Search volume to get accurate Visibility data. If you don't track Search volume or track it only for certain keywords, Visibility data might be inaccurate.

Alert icons

- keywords without checked search volume data are detected in the project.
- no search volume data collected for the project.

Yellow flag
Red flag

Brief summary

Brief summary calculates and displays structured keyword data in the numerical and percent formats. By clicking some metrics you can access extra details. Hover over any element under Dynamics and press to view keywords that improved rankings, dropped in the search results or didn't change their positions.

Data in the Keyword distribution block is clickable. You can pick a parameter (e.g. 1-10) to sort and display a related data. Hover over it and press the block. To get back to the original view, press the block again.

TOP 1-3 in the Summary


To pick several segments at once, follow the below instruction:

  1. Hold ctrl (or cmd for Mac) button.
  2. Pick segments you want to view, e.g. Top 1-3 and Top 11-30.

Press segments again to cancel multiselect.


With cross-filters, you can combine several unrelated sorting options to display exactly what you want on the table. For example, pick a TOP's segment and apply dynamics filters (positive, negative or neutral dynamics).

The tool will instantly pick and calculate data for the applied TOP's segment and dynamics filter only. For example, segment: TOP 31-50, keyword dynamics filter: positive dynamics (keywords that improved rankings).

Cross-filter (basic)
If necessary, pick one or more TOP's segments and apply several keyword dynamics filters. For example, pick TOP 1-3 and TOP 11-30, and apply positive and negative dynamics filters.

Cross-filter (advanced)
Please note that cross-filters can work with basic preset filters like a search engine, a location, and a keyword group.

Advanced summary

The advanced summary is a detailed report that displays structured project data. You can view and analyze Keyword dynamics, Average position, Visibility of your website or your competition.

You may change a chart type to display: a diagram (keyword distribution), a histogram (keyword distribution dynamics), a doughnut chart (Average position and Visibility), and a line chart (Average position and Visibility dynamics).

To display the Advanced summary, follow the below instruction:

  1. Press on the dashboard.
  2. In the pop-up window check a box near Advanced summary.
  3. Press OK.

You may set to display one of the following metrics in the Advanced summary: keyword distribution, average position, or visibility dynamics. Pick the metrics in the right bottom corner.

Display settings

TOP 100


Average position

Average position