On the Keyword Rankings page you may run and view keyword ranking reports, apply and remove filters (track and view rankings for a specific search engine, location or for a single keyword group), select display period in the calendar, or compare rankings. Apart from your website URL, you may add up to 250 competitor sites to the project. The tool will grab your rankings and rankings of your competitors at the same time.

You may export ranking reports into a file of the supported format (.csv, .html, and .pdf.) or share a guest link to your report.

To access the Ranks page, follow the below instruction:

  1. Move to the Projects page.
  2. Create a project or select a project form the list.
  3. Press to move to the Ranks page.

Move to the Ranks page
To run a ranking report, complete the next steps:

  1. Pick a project from the list or create a new one.
  2. Add one or several search engines.
  3. Schedule ranking reports.
  4. Import keywords into the project.
  5. Manually run an on-demand ranking repoort or wait until your keywords will start to populate on schedule.

Interface map

Dynamics interface map


1 Action buttons
Action buttons
1.1 Track keyword rankings.
1.2 Default display mode.
1.3 Snippet dispaly mode.
2 Filters and calendar
Filters and calendar
2.1 Search engine.
2.2 Location.
2.3 Keyword group.
2.4 Calendar.
3 Settings, export, and guest links
Settings, export, and guest link
3.1 Display settings.
3.2 Report export (csv, html, pdf).
3.3 Guest link.


4 Competitors' websites
Competitors' websites
4.1 Primary URL.
4.2 Competitors' URLs.
4.3 Compare mode.


5 Brief summary
Brief summary
5.1 Keyword dynamics.
5.2 Average position and visibility.
5.3 Keyword ranking distribution in TOPs.
6 Advanced summary
Advanced summary
6.1 Latest report summary.
6.2 Summary for the set period oftime.
6.3 Display settings.

Keyword rankings

7 Keyword ranking history
Keyword ranking history
7.1, 7.2 Keyword sorting.
7.3, 7.11 Assigning a URL.
7.4 Total number of keywords in the project.
7.5 Search a keyword.
7.6 Search volume.
7.7 Traffic.
      7.8 The number of keywords in TOP-10
7.10 The number of visits (traffic).
7.11 Color tag.
7.12 Delete a keyword.
7.13 Track a keyword ranking.