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To get started with the Keyword Rank tracker, we highly recommend you to complete a step-by-step interactive tutorial. You'll learn how to create projects, import keywords, add search engines and run Rank Tracker tool. The tutorial will take around 3 minutes.

On the Ranks page you can pull a keyword rankings report for the applied search engine, location, folder, keyword group and period set in the calendar. You can add up to 250 competitor websites for the same project. Competitor keyword rankings are checked each time you check rankings of the main project URL.

You can display and analyze search data for the applied calendar period, which can be set up to 30 dates. If you select a longer period, it will be cut down to 30 dates automatically.

You can export ranking history to a file (csv, xlsx, html, pdf) or share it with another user using a guest link.


To check rankings with the Topvisor tools, you should set up your project:

To access Ranks page, complete as follows:

  1. Sign in to Topvisor.
  2. Create a project or pick one from the list.
  3. Press to move to the Ranks page.

Rank tracker Topvisor ranks table

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