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URL Shortener

The URL Shortener allows creating compact and attractive links to share to forums, social media or copy to messengers. Short links can come in hand when disguising partner links (some webmasters and SEO professionals use shorteners to hide original URLs), and get extended click stats.

For example, a shortened URL will redirect users to

Is it safe?

Due to the URL Shortening being technically a redirection that can be used for spam, phishing, insecure source non-disclosure, etc., we implemented a multi-level filtering system that we use when shortening an original link with a brand URL Shortener

We scan links (URL) to detect possible malware and other threads using the following methods:

1. Safe Browsing API - Google
2. Safe Browsing API - Yandex
3. A custom stoplist of insecure websites.

We forbid using the Topvisor URL Shortnener for spamming, Internet viruses or insecure content spreading. All harmful links will be blocked. All users who regularly place harmful links are to be blocked as well. If you noticed a harmful link, please contact the Topvisor Customer Care.

We urge not to shorten and share links that contain spam or malware.

How to shorten a URL?

To shorten a URL, follow the below instruction :

  1. Sign up for a free Topvisor account.
  2. Move to the URL Shortener page.
  3. Enter or paste a URL you want to shorten into the field.
  4. Press Enter.
  5. Copy a short link.

Every shortened link has the following details: a date and time, a name (you can change it), original URL and a shortened URL.

Now you can share a compact link and track click stats.

We store shortened links forever, but you can manually delete them (move to the Trash). You can also restore links from the Trash bin whenever you need. This rule doesn't apply to the links created with the purpose of spreading harmful or dangerous content.

The Topvisor Team reserves the right to remove and block (add to stoplist) original URLs to prevent further shortening and sharing them with the Topvisor URL Shortener.

Extended stats

After you shorten and share a link, the tool will begin grabbing stats: the number of clicks, country-source traffic (geography), click sources (websites ,social media and other sources), popular browsers, and operation systems of visitors.


Browsers and Platforms

Sources and Geography

URL Shortening for authorized and non-authorized users

An authorized user

Short links and extended stats will be displayed on the URL Shortener page. Each time a user shortens a URL, the tool will create a unique link. Extended stats will be grabbed and displayed for every single link. An authorized user can remove (move to the Trash bin) and recover shortened links.

A non-authorized user

Short link and extended stats won't be displayed on the URL Shortener page. Shortened URLs can be accessed several times and cannot be removed by a non-authorized user who created a link.