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Rankings. Schedule

You can choose between different options to customize a Rank Tracker schedule or turn off automated updates and check rankings on demand. You can schedule Rank Tracker for every project in your account.

To schedule Rank Tracker, complete as follows:

  1. Create a project or pick one from the list.
  2. Press to move to the Project settings.
  3. Switch to the Tools tab and select Rankings.
  4. Schedule Rank Tracker: "on days of week", "on dates" or "after Yandex updates".
  5. Select "on demand" to check keyword rankings manually.

After Yandex updates

A reference point isn't a Text update, but actual Yandex search update time according to the Updates scanner (a tool that tracks and measures SERP changes and fluctuations).

Schedule Rank Tracker to run at a set time after Yandex update. For example, in 3 hours after Yandex update. Rank Tracker will check rankings automatically at the set time.

Do not update ranking twice

If rankings were checked less than 12 hours ago and you don't want Rank Tracker tool to run scheduled update on the same day, check a box near Do not run scheduled update if rankings were checked on demand less than 12 hours ago to avoid checking keyword rankings twice.