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Scheduled rank tracking and reports

There are two ways to check rankings:

  • on demand, which means each time you'll have to launch checks manually;
  • on schedule, so that they would be checked automatically.

You can schedule rank tracking and reports in each project. Schedule reports, and they will be sent to your teammates and clients automatically.

With scheduled rank tracking rankings will be checked in all active SE, locations and groups 🗃
With a schedule the entire project is checked. It means rankings are checked in all active groups, search engines and locations in the project.

How to schedule rank checking and reports

  1. Go toRank Tracker.
  2. Clickon the toolbar.
  3. SelectSchedule in the drop‑down list.
  4. To schedule rank checking, on the left Track side select On days of week/dates or After Yandex updates and remove unnecessary check dates. By default, all days are selected.
  5. To schedule reports, on the right Reports side select the days on which reports would be sent and specify an email address. It is recommended to select After rank tracking. This will automatically send the report as soon as we check rankings in the project.

To check how reports would look like, click Test report. A test report will be sent to the e‑mail in the Account Settings.

The days on which the project is automatically checked are highlighted 🔵
When you enable automatic tracking by weekday or month, all days are selected by default — they are highlighted. To customize the schedule for multiple days, deselect the days you do not need to check.

Rank tracking and interface: scheduled check

I choose On dates and there's an thing. What does it mean?
The icon means the project will be checked on the last day of the month. There are no 28‑31 days in the Calendar: it's the same for all months, but the number of days in them is different.
I set up reports for the last 10 days/month, but the report still comes up with two checks. Why?
Automatic reports always include two checks. A Reporting period option determines the limits of the period from which these checks are taken. For example, if you select last 10 days and today is the 02.01.2023, the period 23.12.22 – 02.01.23 and two extreme checks of this period would be taken; if you select last month, the period 02.12.22 – 02.01.23 and the first and last checks of this period would be taken. If the project has been checked once in the selected period, the report would show one check.
Is it possible to add more checks to the automatic report? For example, for the whole month.
It is not possible to add more checks to the automatic reports. Reports are meant to be a quick comparison of a website's progress between two dates. You can view and export a more detailed report in Rank Tracker using Export. You can also submit a report using Guest link. When creating a link, select Period and 1 year in Calendar, and it will automatically display new checks.

XLSX and CSV reports: how to add additional columns

  1. Hover over XLSX or CSV formats.
  2. Click
  3. Customize the columns for export and click OK.

How to use advanced options →

Rank Tracker, Schedules report: how to change report format

When the check starts, if you schedule it after Yandex updates

In Topvisor, updates are registered by our own tool, Updates scanner. There are 3 types of updates in Updates scanner, which are indicated by checkmarks:

  • yellow — weak search database update (from 10 to 100 million documents added);
  • red — strong search database update (more than 100 million documents added);
  • green — changing of SERP, high search volatility.

The database update is an update of the search index database, that is, adding new documents (URLs) to the search index. Not every database update leads to positions change. Therefore, scheduled rank check is triggered only after the update, which is marked by a green checkmark in Updates scanner.

Проверка позиций, автоматическая проверка: как показаны апдейты в Апометре

In how many hours after the update is better to check rankings?
It is better to check ranks as late as possible after the update, as during the update and some time after there's high search volatility, and websites can leap in SERP.

How to rule out double‑checking

Tick the box Do not run scheduled update if rankings were checked on demand less than 12 hours ago to prevent double‑checking. Then, if there is both an update and a schedule check day on the same day, e.g., by day of the week (as a result of changing schedule), the project will not be checked twice.