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Snippets are the text blocks that accompany every search result listing. Snippets are additional pieces of information used to enhance the searcher’s understanding of the value of that page. Snippets enable users to make a more educated click decision and improve the likelihood that users will choose a page that satisfies their need.

Different search engines apply different algorithms to create snippets. In most cases, Google retrieves title and description from the related meta tags, Yandex can find and add the most relevant pieces of text found on the page.

Title and description in search results

There are no common standards that would set the length of titles and descriptions. It's recommended to keep titles under 80 characters long (including spaces) and descriptions from 150 to 300 characters long (excluding spaces). Too short and too long descriptions are highlighted with orange in the report.

Example of snippet with a title 40 characters long and description 154 characters long.

Relevant snippets

Every page should have its own title and description. Duplicate or similar cannot provide relevant information. Search engines can mark these pages as low-quality.

Titles and descriptions must have strict relation with the content to provide user with the accurate information.

Example of Snippets report generated by Website Audit Tool