Site Audit

Tools for Site Audit include a Sitemap Generator tool, a Website auditor tool, Index status checker for Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex search engines and a Website Watcher to track and control website changes on schedule.

Sitemap generator

Sitemap building
Sitemap (sitemap.xml) is a file with a list of website pages that tells search engines what pages you'd like them to index, when they were last updated, how often they should be re-crawled and their priority against other pages on your website. Sitemap.xml helps web crawlers scan all pages on your website and correctly determine the priority of each webpage.

Technical SEO Audit

Website Auditor
Website Auditor scans your webpages to detect possible issues with indexing (server responses, robots.txt issues), internal and external links, titles, meta-tags (tags not added, duplicates) and images (missing alt-tags, image size, "broken" images).

Index status checker

Index Status Checker
Make sure that search engine crawlers index your site on a regular basis. A full list of website pages indexed by Google can be received using the advanced info: operator. Bing allows getting the same list using the site: search operator. Automated checking of a website page-by-page allows getting a much more detailed picture of your search engine index status.

Website Watcher

Website Watcher
Website Watcher tracks all changes to your webpages on auto-pilot: page titles (title tag), page description (description meta-tag), first-level headers of documents (h1 tag), page content and HTTP codes. You can set Watcher to send you alerts when a website changes. Display them in the Notification Center or get to your email. Each message contains a link. Click a link to access a page with a detailed report of all changes Watcher revealed.