Frequently asked questions

How do I add keywords to my project?

To run a rankings report, you need first to import keywords to your project. You can import and manage keywords on the Keywords page where we store all keyword data. Keyword order on the Ranks page fully matches keyword order on the Keywords page. If you upload keywords from a file or a list, they will be sorted in the same order as in the original list.

We offer several options of keyword import, pick the one that suits you best.

How to import keywords
How do I get search volume data?

Search volume refers to the average number of searches that occur for a particular search term during a specified time such as one month. You can use this number to predict the average number of searches you might get if you pick this search term as a targeted keyword for your website. Search volume is considered one of the key metrics SEOs rely on when planning their campaign.

The Topvisor Search volume tracker allows harvesting search volume stats from the following sources:

Google Adwords (Keyword Planner) - location-based tool of Google search engine;
Yandex.Direct (Yandex.Wordstat) - location-based tool of Yandex search engine;

We highly recommend updating search volume at least once a month.

What is a Keyword Clustering tool?

The clustering tool automatically segments your keywords into relevant groups based on TOP-10 of Google and Yandex search engines. The tool generates and sends automated queries to search engines and then matches webpages from search results to each keyword. If the search engine returns the same webpages for different keywords and there are several matches for those, they will be banded up together (clustered). Keywords that revealed no matches in TOP-10 of search results are grouped into a separate group named Stray keywords.

The tool supports SOFT, MODERATE and HARD methods of keyword clustering.

How do I harvest search suggestions?

Keyword suggestions are search predictions of popular keywords beginning with the same letters and related to the phrase you are typing in the search box. Search suggestions are based on frequent searches of other people and the content of web pages.

The Topvisor search suggestions tool allows getting serach suggestions from: Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex search engines.

You may also choose a location and a nesting level.

Which methods of payment do you support?

We offer a flexible and affordable pricing scheme. You may pay as you go every time you run a tool or you may subscribe to a pricing plan and get a discount up to 40%. No matter what pricing option you pick, we put no limitations on the number of projects, keywords, or any tools or features.

You can top up your balance with a debit or credit card (we support Master Card, Visa and American Express) or with a PayPal account. The same options are available for pricing plan subsrcibtions. You may cancel a pricing plan anytime and get back to the pay-as-you-go payment.

Pricing plans and subscriptions.