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Keyword research

A keyword is a single word, several words or a phrase that is relevant to the contents of a website and can affect a website ranking. In most cases, keywords partially or completely match search queries that users enter when they search for information.

You need to collect a keyword pool to focus on when targeting your website to get conversions. Keywords must be relevant to what a visitor sees on your webpages.

Before you get started with the keyword research, outline the keyword structure, make up a preliminary list of webpages your project or website will include. After that, research your target audience to figure out the ways and options they may use to search for information. Initially, you need to determine the information you want to deliver to your audience. How the content created with the keywords you collected will respond to the questions your audience asks when they search for the information?

To get started with the keyword research, harvest keyword ideas from all available sources. In Topvisor, you pull keyword ideas from the following sources:

  • Google Ads (Keyword Planner).
  • Yandex.Direct (Yandex.Wordstat).
  • Websmater
  • Webmaster Bing.

To research keywords, complete as follows:

  1. Create a project or pick one from the list.
  2. Move to the Keywords page.
  3. Press on the toolbar.
  4. Select Keyword research.
  5. Select one or several sources.
  6. Select location.
  7. Add keywords.
  8. Press Research.

Negative keywords

Negative keywords are keywords and phrases you want to exclude from the keyword research results.

For example, you research keywords for french doors and you need to exclude the results with certain words and phrases: photo, reviews, handmade. Check the box near Exclude negative keywords and enter the keywords to exclude in the text field.

Negative phrases are supported by Google Ads (Keyword Planner) and Yandex.Direct (Yandex.Wordstat). Other available keyword sources: Bing and Mail do not support negative keywords.

Keyword research results

Keyword research tool will create a list of groups. Each group contains keywords harvested from a particular source and based on a particular search query. A short abbreviation near a group's name points at the keyword source:

DI - Yandex.Direct (Left Wordstat column)
DI+ - Yandex.Direct (Right Wordstat column)
AD - Google Ads (Keyword Planner)
BI - Webmaster Bing
WM - Webmaster Mail

Keyword duplicates

Keyword duplicates in projects are forbidden!

Keyword research can return keyword duplicates collected from different sources. A duplicate detected in the results is skipped.