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Snippets checker

Snippets are short search results listings featured on a search engine results page.

Collect snippets for targeted keywords to view and analyze how keyword groups are listed in the search results and to compare snippets by search engine and location or compare your and your competitor's snippets. Furthermore, you can track and detect how keyword rankings relate to snippets and get a number of visits for each snippet to find out which snippets turned out to be more 'clickable'.

Display modes

Ranks page supports two display modes to view ranking history: Rankings (default) and Rankings and Snippets. Use the buttons to switch between the modes.
To collect snippets each time you check or track keyword rankings, complete as follows:

  1. Create a project or pick one from the list.
  2. Add keywords to your project (one or many).
  3. Move to the Project settings.
  4. Pick a search engine and location.
  5. Pick and set Collect snippets option.
  6. Schedule rank tracking or check keyword rankings on demand.

Collect competitor snippets

We'll collect snippets and check keyword rankings of your 5 competitors for free. For the competitors #6,7 — #250 we'll take an additional charge: $0.00025 for 1 keyword in 1 search engine and 1 location + $0.00025 to collect a snippet.