Snippets checker

Snippets are search results listings featured on a search engine results page. They shortly describe the contents
of each webpage. In most cases a snippet includes a Headline, URL, Description and other additional information
that is shown in the search result.

Grab snippets for targeted keywords to view and analyze how keyword groups are listed in the search results and
to compare snippets by search engines and locations or compare your snippets to your competitor's. Moreover,
you can track and detect how keyword rankings relate to snippets and get a number of visits for each snippet to
find out which snippets turned out to be more 'clickable'.

Example of snippet
In order to check snippets follow the below guide:

  1. Go to project settings.
  2. Switch to the Search engines tab and select Grab snippets.

Set up snippets harvest
Congrats! You've successfully set up snippets harvest. From now and on each time the Rank tracker tool runs a
ranking report it'll also check and grab snippets for your project. Snippet harvest costs + $0.001 to a rank
checking of one targeted keyword on one search engine in one location.

To view Snippets on the Dynamics page, switch a display mode using a button on the toolbar.

Switch display modes

How do I grab snippets of my competitors?

You can track rankings and snippets of up to 5 competitors for free. Tracking of 6th,7th - 50th competitor website
costs additional $0,001 for one keyword check in one location and on one search engine and + $0,001 to grab a
snippet for that keyword.