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Keyword Research Tool for SEO, PPC and Content Creation

Every Internet-based business should have a pool of keywords they focus on when targeting their website to get conversions. A keyword is a single word, several words or a phrase that is relevant to the website contents and affect a website ranking. Each webpage can match a keyword or a keyword group related to your target audience.

Keyword ideas can come from all available keyword research sources: Google (Keyword Planner, Search Console, Analytics), Bing (Webmaster), Yandex (Wordstat, Metrica, Webmaster), (Webmaster) tools and search suggestions ( Google, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube, Yandex,, and Sputnik).

Keyword research tools provide a working keyword structure segmented into groups and all set to spread across the webpages. Pull powerful keyword ideas from all available sources, use handy tools and features to get valuable insights, manage and analyze keywords, apply automated clustering and grouping tools to build a complete keyword structure within a couple of minutes.

Keyword Research

Enrich your website with keyword ideas from all available sources

Keywords are relevant words and phrases describing the topic of a webpage, business, products or services that a website provides.

Get powerful keyword ideas from all available sources: Google Keyword planner, Webmaster Bing, Yandex.Wordstat, or Webmaster

Autocomplete Suggestions

Search suggestions harvest with nesting levels and advanced methods support

Use Google, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube, Yandex,, and Sputnik autocomplete suggestions as another source of relevant and efficient keywords for your website.

Keyword suggestions tool is an ultimate source of valuable keywords ideas designed to make your website keyword-rich with search terms of real users.

Magnet Tool

Keyword ideas from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Yandex Metrica, and Yandex.Webmaster

Magnet is a free and handy tool that automatically pulls keywords from popular search engine dashboards and tools.

Grab all keywords that brought visitors to your website and lots of extra details over an applied period.

Tools to boost Keyword performance

Use all available tools and features to research, manage and group keywords. Pull powerful insights and analyze each keyword before adding it to your website. Research and predict keyword performance: track search volume to make sure your keywords are efficient.

Apply automated keyword grouping tools: keyword clustering or keyword grouping by page relevance will save your time, manage and create a complete keyword structure based on Google and Yandex search results within a few minutes.

Keyword Volume

The average number of monthly searches

Keyword volume refers to the average number of searches that occur for applied search term over a period such as one month. Use search volume to predict the number of searches you might get if you pick this search term as a targeted keyword for your website. Search volume is one of the key metrics SEOs rely on when planning their campaign.

You can pull search volume stats from the following sources:

Yandex.Direct (Yandex.Wordstat) all locations;
Google Adwords (Keyword Planner) all locations;
Webmaster locations not supported.

Keyword Grouping

Keyword clustering and grouping by page relevance

Every page of your website might be relevant to one or several keywords (keyword group). Automated keyword grouping is an easy way to get a working keyword structure and quickly skyrocket your website performance.

Keyword grouping by page relevance instantly spreads keywords across website pages exactly as they rank and display in the applied search engine and location.

Apply keyword grouping tool or use both tools to get a complete keyword structure for your website.

Mobile app

Topvisor free mobile app provides an instant high-speed access to all your projects.

Wherever you are, you can always track rankings, top up your balance, create new projects and manage existing ones: add and delete keywords on your iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android devices.


  • Thomas Harvey

    Consultant -

    After using Topvisor for a couple of months I believe it's one of the best rank tracking tools out there. The support from the team is second to none. Very responsive to suggestions.

    I use with clients of all sizes, 20,000+ keywords all the way down to 10, very affordable and well worth the money.

  • Enstine Muki

    SEO blogger -

    With over 3 flagship features, Topvisor looks at common SEO elements from perspectives that produce more results than you get elsewhere.

    The pricing structure they offer is the most flexible we have in the digital world today. You may want to pay-as-you-go. Drop funds into your account and only use them each time there is an action.

  • Konstantin Kanin

    CEO at DaСompany, Blogger -

    In addition to Google and Bing, it is crucial for our agency to get actual data about our clients’ website rankings on Yandex, depending on location and immediately after Yandex SERP updates.

    I tried a lot of services, and none of them does this job as good as Topvisor. And besides that, unlike their competitors Topvisor has clear pricing policy, which is pretty fair and very attractive.

  • Alex Cimpoca

    Using Topvisor is a wonderful experience for me as I don’t have to pay out monthly fees for tracking my rankings. The interface is simple and straightforward. I recommend the service for everyone who wants to see how they are doing in Google.

  • Kristaps Horns

    Director and owner at Ideaspool

    Topvisor has been essential for us in helping our clients to advance the Google ladder. After using Topvisor for more than a year, and trying next to all the tools readily available online, I can say with certainty, that it delivers business essential data fast and with precision. Most importantly, it has helped us to save a significant amount of money, by targeting only those keywords, that are profitable, and finding new options for better business tomorrow.

  • Ivan Braun

    Founder of Icons8

    We've paid a lot for various SEO tools: Ahrefs, Moz,, Semrush, Spyfu, SeoLib (these are only those we've paid for after a trial). For keyword analysis, we've found nothing close to Topvisor. First, it finds the related keywords as no one else returning plenty of keywords with few irrelevant ones. Second, it has an awesome clustering; the only one we can trust.

    Finally, we like the Topvisor's pay-as-you-go plan. For the competition, we have to balance between the plan limits; they have plenty of, even for "unlimited" plans.

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