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Clustering results

Keyword clustering tool creates a comprehensive keyword structure based on the options you select: Search engine, Location, Language, Clustering level, Clustering method.

Important! Keyword clustering will turn off all keyword groups (Rank tracker tool will ignore them when checking keyword rankings). To turn on a group, click a red round button on the left near the group name or press Turn on all groups on the panel in the right upper corner (in the Advanced mode check boxes near group names and turn on the selected groups).

Send results to Email

To send keyword clustering results to Email, check a box near the Send to Email option. Please notice that with this option checked, you can select several clustering levels at once. The tool will create a ZIP archive and send it to your Email. Unzipped archive contains CSV files. Each CSV file contains keywords clustered at a selected clustering level.

File names include a project ID and a clustering level.

To send the keyword clustering results to the Email address associated with your account, complete as follows:

  1. Pick a Search engine, a Language and a Location.
  2. Check a box near Send to Email
  3. Pick a Clustering level: one or several.
  4. Pick an Option and press Start.

Topvisor will display the keyword structure created at the last selected clustering level. In the above example the last selected clustering level is 9.