Data export templates

You can use data export templates to export keywords with preset keyword data columns: a project ID, a color tag, a target link, a group name, a folder, a rank, a relevant page, visits, search volume, cpc.

To create a template and export data, complete as follows:

Pick columns to export

  1. Pick a project to export data.
  2. Move to the Keywords page.
  3. Press on the toolbar.
  4. Pick data type to export
  5. Repeat to add several columns.
Export template settings

Data export

  1. Enter a template name in the field and press Save.
  2. Pick a saved data export template .
  3. Press OK.
Saving export template

Column sorting order

To change the sorting order of data columns, hover over the selected data type, drag and drop it. Data columns sorting order matches a sorting order in template.

Column sorting order
CSV export results

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