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Tools and prices

Start for free
XS $ 0/
S - 10% for $ 29/
M - 15% for $ 89/
L - 20% for $ 299/
XL - 30% for $ 599/
Check keyword rankings
, TOP 100 results
Collect snippets on Rank tracker page ¢0.025
Collect SERP Snapshots 20 results ¢0.05¢0.075¢0.125¢0.25
Collect snippets on SERP Snapshots page ¢0.05¢0.075¢0.125¢0.25
Check competitors
(up to 5 for free)
Keyword research ¢2.5
Search suggestions tool: depth 1 ¢0.25¢0.8¢1.5
Clustering (automated grouping) up to 10 000 keywords ¢0.8¢0.65¢0.5¢0.4
Re-clustering (changing a clustering level and a method) ¢0.0025
Search volume tool ¢0.052
Bid manager (bid adjustment) ¢0.0025
Sitemap generation up to 100 pages ¢15¢40¢520¢5200¢6500¢11 500
Website audit up to 100 pages ¢1.5¢1.2¢1¢0.8
Index status checker ¢0.1
Website watcher (track changes to webpages) ¢0.25
Competitor research ¢0.5
Start for free


Do you offer a free trial?
We do not offer a free trial, but we add a credit to your account balance after your registration. You can use it to pay for any tools without a time limit.
Do you work with the companies?
Sure, you can pay as a company. We provide invoices and support wire transfers.
Which tools are available on each plan?
You get access to all tools on all plans.
Do I need to top up balance after I buy a pricing plan? Or do you add this payment to my account balance?
The cost of a pricing plan will be added to your Topvisor account, and you can use it to pay for tools and features.
What currency is my balance in?
Russian rubles or US dollars. You can change currency before your first payment.
Are there any limits to a number of keywords or projects?
No, there are no limits.
Can I use only one tool?
Sure, it's up to you, you can use one tool, or you can use all tools at once.
If I subscribe to a plan but I don't spend all money, what happens to my balance?
Your balance is zeroed out when the subscription expires. If you are not sure how much you are going to spend, top up your balance without a subscription and pay as you go. In this case, the balance is not zeroed out. You will be able to subscribe to a plan any time later.
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