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How integration algorithm works

Data is collected during the first full day's rankings check, so the data won't be collected if:

  • you check ranks by filter;
  • check rankings, integrate search analytics tools, and then check ranks again;
  • there's only one check in the project.
Integrate webmaster tools and check rankings 🛠
This is necessary for the traffic data, SQI, etc. to load. How to integrate the tools →

How traffic is collected

The crawler always collects data for the previous check, no matter if it was yesterday or a month ago. This is necessary so that the data is taken into account for a full day. It may happen that rankings are checked in the first half of the day, but the main traffic flow occurred in the evening.

How to check traffic

In Yandex.Metrica

  1. Select the meter whose data you want to check.
  2. Select Reports ‑> Sources ‑> Sources, Summary in the left menu.
  3. Add the following options to the report page:
    • Date — select the date on which you are checking the data. It must be a single day, not a period.
    • Sources ‑> Last source ‑> Search engine — Yandex.
    • Sources ‑> Last source ‑> Source type — Search engine traffic.
    • Sources ‑> Last source ‑> Keyword — keyword from the project for which you are checking the data.
    • Geography ‑> Location — the region for which you are checking the data. Don't add this parameter if the project collects Global traffic.
  4. Done, the report is built. The data can be found in the column Users.

In Google.Analytics

The new version of Google Analytics, Google Analytics 4, doesn't provide keyword data in the same way as it was in Google Analytics Universal. GA4 doesn't have a direct report on the keywords that brought users to the website through organic search, as Google no longer transmits this information due to privacy settings.

If there are no visits from Google Analytics, we take them from Yandex Metrica, but the source is Google, not Yandex. So to check the visits, according to the instructions for Yandex, but to set up Sources → Last source → Search engine — Google.