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Integration algorithm

Traffic data is to be pulled from Google Analytics, Google Search Сonsole, Yandex Metrica, and Yandex Webmaster during a keyword ranks update. To run a keyword rank check and pull data, press a green button on the project list or/and on the Ranks page. If you set keyword rankings to be tracked on schedule, the data will be pulled and updated automatically on the same schedule.

Visits on the Ranks page

Data pulled live for the current day can mismatch Yandex.Metrica total visits count of the current day (24 hours). This can happen when you run a check in the morning or in the afternoon, and therefore miss all evening visits.

That's why during a check Topvisor always pulls data for the previous check date (a complete 24 hours day).

If you track rankings daily, the tool will always pull data for the previous day. For example, if you track rankings on 2017/07/30, you'll get a total Visits count of 2017/07/29.

If you check rankings on demand, the tool pulls traffic data for the previous update. For example, your last check is dated back 2017/07/21. If then you check rankings on 2017/07/30, the tool will pull a total Visits count for the last check: 2017/07/21.

Data distribution

Data distribution
Integration Google Yandex
Analytics, Metrica Yandex.Metrica Google Analytics
Metrica Yandex.Metrica Yandex.Metrica
Analytics Google Analytics Google Analytics

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