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Color scheme

A color scheme allows you to quickly estimate ranks dynamics or the percentage of keywords in Top.

How to change color scheme

  1. Go toRank Tracker.
  2. ClickCustomize view on the toolbar.
  3. Select a scheme in the drop‑down list.

Rank tracker: how to change a color pattern

What color schemes are available

Top, progress

  • The higher a keyword is in the Top 3 or Top 4‑10, the richer is shade of blue and green.

Проверка позиций, Цветовая схема: цвета позиций по запросам в ТОП-10

  • Negative dynamics within one SERP page is shown in white. That is, if a website's moved from 16 to 19 rank, the cell with rank 19 would be white. If the keyword position is moved to the next page of SERP, the color of the cell would be red, for example, if a website moved from rank 18 to 24;
  • Positive dynamics is shown in shades of green;
  • If a keyword's got ranked in the selected depth of check, the cell would be green, and if it bounced from Top — red with double dash. If a keyword stays behind the selected depth in the next check, the cell becomes yellow with two dashes.

Проверка позиций, Цветовая схема: цвета в таблице позиций

Improved, dropped

This color scheme is simpler and consists of three colors: red, green and white. Red shows negative dynamics of keywords, green — positive. The richer is the color, the more a keyword rank has changed.
Проверка позиций, Цветовые схемы: упрощенная цветовая схема

Featured Snippets, AMP‑ and turbo‑pages

If a website is in Featured Snippets block in Google or if a URL is an AMP‑ or turbo‑page, the rank cell will have special icons:

  • — if a website got Featured Snippet;
  • — if a URL is a AMP‑page;
  • — if a URL is a turbo‑page.
Проверка позиций: как показано попадание сайта в блок Featured Snippets
Featured Snippets
Проверка позиций: как отображаются AMP-страницы
Проверка позиций: как показана турбо-страница в ячейке с позицией