Projects are archived automatically if they have no activity for 45 days or/and in 90 days after the last ranking update. We consider a project active if you run any tool (Keyword research, Website SEO Audit etc.) or view project data, reports, etc.

Archived projects on the Projects page

Restoring a project

To restore a project from the Archive, press and Restore.

Recover projects from the Archive

Archiving a project

You can archive a project that is not needed anymore. To archive a project press and Continue to confirm archiving.

If you check a box near Do not ask me again, a confirmation window won't pop-up again. You'll be able to archive projects in one click by pressing a Trash bin icon.

Archive project
Archived project will be suspended, main features (rank tracking, snapshots, website audit, website watcher, etc.) and settings will be unavailable until you restore it.

Access to the Keywords page and all related tools (keyword research, search suggestions harvest, serach volume tracker, keyword clustering, keyword grouping) and features ins't limited.