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Change tracking

Basic settings

Website Watcher tracks changes to title tags, description meta-tags, h1 tag, and page content. To exclude tags or page content from tracking, uncheck the selected option (HTTP Code, Title, Description, H1 or Content).

Please note that Watcher can track up to 10 redirects. The tool will track changes to the last page in the line of redirects (301 → 301 → ... → 301 → 200).

Content tracking (tags)

To start tracking changes, select a method: custom tags, regular expressions or both. You can exclude HTML or JavaScript code from tracking.

You can add several tags to the same page. We recommend you to contact a webmaster or other tech specialist, to make sure you added tags in the correct way.

Custom tags are meant to make the tool track specific content on your pages. Watcher will track content between <!‑‑start_content‑‑> and <!‑‑end_content‑‑> tags.

Today most CMS support dynamic content that can change in response to different conditions: page views, ratings, votes, search history, product order, filters, status (online/offline) etc. In most cases, there's no need to track these changes.

Add the <!‑‑start_content_off‑‑> and <!‑‑end_content_off‑‑> tags to the page source code to prevent Watcher from tracking dynamic content or any other content fragments

Regular expressions

You may use regular expressions to select content fragments to scan.

For example: <div id="content">(.*?)

Please note that Watcher can scan your content only when "class", "id", or other attributes are added to the tag. This way Watcher is able to pick and scan only selected parts.

You may use regular expressions to pick specific content fragments, to be scanned. You cannot use regular expressions to tell which content fragments to be excluded.