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Balance top up for individuals

You can top up your balance with no commission by any method of payment.

Payment methods

  • Fast Payment System (QR code);
  • Bank card (Visa, Mastercard, Mir issued by Russian banks);
  • SberPay;
  • YooMoney;
  • Paddle (Visa, Mastercard, American Express issued by foreign banks, as well as PayPal). The option is available only from a non‑Russian IP.
If you've selected dollars as the currency in your account, the balance can only be replenished by card using Paddle. If rubles are selected in the account, all the listed payment methods will be available. Please note that you can change the currency only before the first payment following this guide.

How to top up your balance

  1. Go to Bank and click Top up balance
  2. Select a payment method, for example, a Fast Payment System.
  3. Enter the deposit amount and click Top up balance.
  4. Follow the instructions on the payment page of the system.

Balance top up for individuals: how to top up your balance

Can I top up my balance with a foreign bank card?
Yes! To do this, select Paddle from the list of payment methods.
Paddle is not displayed in my list of payment methods. Why?
The Paddle appears automatically if you don't have a Russian IP. If it's Russian, it won't be on the list. If you have a foreign IP, but the Paddle is not displayed, contact us via chat — we'll definitely deal with it.
Top up your balance in Topvisor via 🤩 — an advertising ecosystem that allows you to refund advertising expenses and transfer cashback to an account in Topvisor. Leave a request to top up your balance in Topvisor on the Marketplace page and save on paying for the service. Topvisor is located in the section Keyword selection.

Minimum payment amount

Topping up balance is limited to the minimum amount of payment. It is determined by the amount of the payment system commission paid by the service. The lowest minimum deposit amount when paying with Fast Payment System, SberPay and by card, as these payment systems have the lowest commission.

I want to top up my balance using YooMoney, but there is a high minimum payment amount :(
Is there any way to bypass it?
Yes, you can!  Issue the YooMoney  virtual card. It will take less than a minute to process the card, and when using it, the minimum payment amount will be only 100 rubles.

Payment receipt

A payment receipt is a document that confirms the fact of payment for services. It is accepted by employer organizations to justify the costs incurred by employees from their own funds, but in the interests of the employer. Based on the payment receipt, the accountant can make a refund to the employee.

How to download a receipt

  1. Go to Bank.
  2. Click Invoices and warrants.
  3. Select Individual and click Receipt 

To download all receipts for a certain period, click Download and select a period.

Balance top up for individuals, Payment receipt: How to download a receipt

I am asked to provide a cash voucher. Is this the receipt?
No, a cash voucher is a fiscal document that automatically arrives at the email address specified in Account Settings. It is generated by online sales register — the CRF platform.