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Licence agreement under 223 Federal Law

If you have a Russian state-owned company, the accounting department might ask to sign the agreement under federal law of July 18 2011 #223 "On procurement of goods, construction or services by certain types of legal entities"

Agreement specifics

  • Available for certain types of legal entities: state corporations, natural monopolies, and companies with government holdings
  • It is signed for one year and renews automatically
  • It requires a subscription to Pricing plan
  • A yearly licence fee will be specified in the agreement, but you can pay a subscription fee monthly
  • You cannot top up your personal account balance for the entire duration of the agreement

How to conclude the Agreement

  1. Move to the Bank page and press Subscribe to plan.
  2. Select Subscribe to plan.
  3. Click Individual and select Add company details.
  4. Select Agreement, add bank details and check box near 223-FZ.
  5. Press Save bank details and Subscribe.

After you save bank details, we will send the agreement in PDF to the email linked to your Account. Print, sign, stamp the document and send it to 190005, Russia, St. Petersburg, Egorova St., 23А, rm. 118. After we receive it, we will send you back your copy signed by Topvisor.

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