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Options and features

Options and features

1. Search engine country-code domains

Search engine country-code domains, e.g. or, or google. de are detected automatically (no need to select a domain manually). Enter a location and the tool will assign a country-code domain automatically.

2. Location code (by Yandex)

A targeted location is defined by an lr parameter of a search query. A list of Yandex identifiers (location codes) is available for download here.

Location code

3. Type of search results

  • Desktop search (laptop and PC) —
  • Mobile search (mobile devices: phone and tablet) — ,

4. Rank Tracker depth

A max Rank Tracker depth is 1000 and 250 results for Google and Yandex, respectively. Rank Tracker depth for Yandex mobile search is limited to 50 results.

5, 6. Switching off and removal

After you suspend rank tracking (switch off a Location or a Search engine), and/or remove a Location or a Search engine, Rank Tracker history for these Search engines and Locations in the report will be unavailable.

To display Rank Tracker history again, switch on the selected Locations and/or add the removed Search engines and Locations again. Keyword ranking history will be pulled and displayed automatically.

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