Data export templates

You can use data export templates to export data with preset data columns. All default parameters (fields to export) are available: a Color tag, a Target link, a Group name, a Folder, a Rank, a Relevant page, Visits, Search volume, CPC.

Export templates allow to create and save customized ranking report presets which can be used to export data for further analysis or to share with you co-workers or clients. You can apply templates and export data to XLSX and CSV.

To create and save a data export template, complete as follows:

  1. Move to the Rankings page.
  2. Press on the toolbar.
  3. Pick a file type (XLSX or CSV) and press  
  4. In the pop up window select a field and press
  5. Enter a template name.
  6. Press Save.

Templates editor
Manage data export template
Follow the above instruction, to create a data export template with a custom list data of fields. To remove a template or one of the fields in a template, hover over and press on the left near a template or near a field.

To rename a template, change its name or enter a new one and press Save.

Templates with fields to export

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