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Search suggestions

Keyword suggestions are search predictions of popular keywords beginning with the same letters and related to the phrase you are typing in the search box. Search suggestions are based on frequent searches of other people and the content of web pages.

You can collect keyword suggestions from all popular search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex,, and Youtube. You can switch between different options of keyword harvest and set a targeted location.

Search suggestions tool costs $1.5 for 100 phrases from one source in one location. The total cost depends on the number of elected search engines and locations, selected method, depth and the keyword count. The total cost is calculated automatically.

To get keyword suggestions, complete as follows:

  1. Create a project or pick one from the list.
  2. Move to the Keywords page.
  3. Press on the toolbar.
  4. Select Search suggestions tool.
  5. Select sources: one or many (1).
  6. Select locations (1).
  7. Select options (2).
  8. Select nesting level (3).
  9. Add keywords (4).
  10. Press Research.

Suggestions research results

The tool creates a list of groups with collected search suggestions. Every group contains keywords collected from a particular source in the particular location. A short abbreviation near a group's name points at the keyword source.

HG - Google
HY - Yandex
HYb - Youtube
HYh - Yahoo
HB - Bing
HM -