Projects page

Projects page lists all projects under your account: your personal projects (Personal projects) and the projects you have access to (Shared projects). The features and tools available for shared projects depend on the access given to you by project owners.

Inactive (archived) projects are initially hidden in the list. To access a Project archive and view all projects in it, pick Archive in the drop-down list (2). In the same list you may switch to the projects updated on demand or on schedule (scheduled updates), and sort projects if needed.

Interface map

Interface map: list of projects
1, 12 - Color tags.
2 - Select a project category.
3 - Bulk update.
4 - Create a new project.
5 - Project search (name or ID).
6 - Extra features.
7 - Favorites.
8 - Project name (press to change the name).
9 - Project details (hover over to view).
10 - Project report type (in demand / on schedule).
    11 - Collect project data (ranks / index status / catalogs...).
13 - Shared project (a guest project you have access to).
14 - Details by location and search engine.
15 - Actions (Delete / Move to archive / Copy).
16 - Project URL.
17 - Settings and tools.