Creating the first project

How to create a project?

1. Sign up for Topvisor.
2. Go to the Projects page .
3. Press +Add project in the right-upper corner.
4. Enter a URL and a project name.

Create a project
5. Press Create.

How to pick search engines?

Press on the project's panel to access project's settings. In the drop-down list choose a search engine and press Add.

Adding a search engine
Start typing a location in the text field.

Adding a location
You can assign as many locations for each search engine as you need. Locations should be assigned for each search engine.

List of search engines

How to schedule ranking reports?

You can set when and how to trigger ranking reports on the Updates schedule tab.

Updates schedule

How to add competitors?

Switch to the Competitors tab in the project settings and press Add competitors.

Adding competitors
You can copy and paste a list of competitors or upload them from a file.

How to integrate a project with Google services?

You can integrate your project with Google Analytics, Google Drive, Yandex.Metrica and Yandex.Webmaster on the Integration tab in the project settings. Pick a tool and press Connect.


How to add first keywords?

Move to the Keywords page and press on the toolbar, add keywords in the pop-up window and press Import.

Keyword uploader