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Spot-on Rank Tracking in search engines

Spot‑on Rank Tracking in Google, Yandex and more Track rankings in all popular search engines with a hundred percent accuracy for any location and device, and compare them with your competitors'
8 search engines

8 search engines

Topvisor shows clockwork rankings of websites, sections, or URLs in Google, Yandex and, Bing, Yahoo!, Seznam, and also tracks rankings of Youtube videos or channels and apps in App Store and Google Play. You can even check ranks of VK groups or articles — do whatever you need.

Launch checks with any locations and languages

Topvisor supports all locations, domains and languages available in search engines. Track websites' ranks in New York or across the whole US, even if you're in Murmansk. You can check SERP in any language, from English and Italian to Thai and Hebrew. All about Rank Tracking in Topvisor

Track results in desktop and mobile SERP

Check rankings in desktop and mobile search results. Compare positions in different search engines, locations and devices on the same screen.

Find competitors or add them by hand

Add competitors and compare their rankings with your own. You can track positions of 5 competitors for free! Don't know who are your competitors? Find them in Topvisor and add to the project. Find competitors and collect SERP Top

Run checks on schedule

Schedule checks and reports: Topvisor will track rankings on time and send a detailed report by e‑mail. You don't need to log in to get the latest data timely.
Check history is stored forever and available even if your balance is flat broke

Check history is stored forever and available even if your balance is flat broke

Topvisor neither ever deletes projects nor restricts access to the checks and reports when your balance is zero. Your projects are yours alone.

No limits at all

We don't limit the number of projects, keywords or checks you may have on any pricing plan. Check as much as you need, and we'll for our part make sure Topvisor runs fast, no matter how much data is displayed.

Play as a team

Share a project with your teammates using guest access. Set up access level: it's up to you whether they can launch rank tracking and edit keywords or just view data.
rankings table screenshot snippets table screenshot mouse pointer Collect snippets to see how website is ranked in search Collect snippets for all keywords so that you can sum how the URL is presented in SERP and compare competitors' snippets with yours in search engines, locations and devices.
Featured Snippets AMP Turbo pages
Tracking of Featured Snippets, AMP and Turbo pages built‑in You'll see if a website's got Featured Snippets or has AMP or Turbo pages. Learn all about yours and your competitors' rankings.

Share reports with clients in one click

Use guest links so that your clients don't have to sign up in Topvisor. What is shown via the link is up to you. Clients'll see only what you want them to see.

Analyzing millions of keywords never been easier

Analyzing data with Summary is a piece of cake. See in a wink how a website's risen or fallen in SERP along with its Visibility, Average and Median positions trend, keywords distribution by Tops and other metrics.
API for all tools. For free. On all pricing plans.
Pull data from Topvisor wherever you need with simple API. Available on all pricing plans! Try out how it works in API Explorer. API documentation
Use Topvisor to the max See all our partners' cases
The whole nine yards

The whole nine yards

Connect Yandex.Metrica and Google Analytics to get traffic data, and Yandex.Webmaster to see indexing and backlinks. Upload keywords that brought users to your website according to them and Google Search Console for free.
Using another rank tracker?

Using another rank tracker?

Switching to Topvisor is child's play. We'll transfer your projects from another service for free and import rank tracking history. The first check – on our dime. Import projects
Lightning‑fast support ⚡️

Lightning‑fast support ⚡️

You can contact us via chat, Telegram bot, e‑mail or social networks – anywhere. We'll quickly solve any problem and count your checks' cost. Contact us