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Track keyword rankings of every single webpage on the Internet: websites, subdomains, internal webpages, social media profiles and communites (for example, Facebook or Twitter) across multiple search engines; or check Youtube video or Youtube channel rankings.

Online rank tracker tool scans and tracks keyword rankings across all most popular search engines: Google (PC and mobile search results), Bing, Yahoo!, and Yandex (PC and mobile search results). We provide full support of local versions, national domains, organic and mobile search results for Google and Yandex search engines, and partial support of these features for Bing search engine.

To get started with keyword rank tracking, you'll simply need to add search engines, pick one or several locations, add keywords, and schedule ranking reports. Reveal search engine rankings of your websites and websites of your competitors. Analyze, compare, track and monitor your keyword rankings by search engines and locations. It's quick, simple, handy, and accurate!

  • Use search engines that matter for you

    Google (all national domains and locations),
    Bing (all locations),
    Yahoo (without locations),
    Yandex (ru, ua, by, kz) (all locations),
    Yandex.com (all locations),
    Yandex.com.tr (all locations).

    Track deep to the top 1000 results for Google, top 500 results for Yandex and 100 results for Yahoo and Bing.

  • Schedule your project without a hitch   

    Customize ranking reports of every single project to meet your company needs. Track rankings on the set days and times, a certain number of time each month or on-demand. Pick custom settings for each project.

    • On certain days of the week (pick time and days),
    • On certain dates (pick time and dates),
    • The number of updates a month (pick the number and time),
    • On-demand
  • Keep a close eye on your competitors

    Hunt down your competitors' rankings. Add competitor websites, schedule reports, and analyze their keyword rankings.

    Track up to 250 competitors alongside your site within every single project. Set side by side and analyze competitors' rankings in eye-candy manageable reports.

    Reveal rankings and check the performance of 5 competitors for free!

  • Grab snippets from the search results

    Grab search engine snippets to view search listing matches for every keyword, and compare them by search engines, locations and to competitors.

    Be aware of how your keyword rankings in the search results and snippets relate to each other.

    Measure traffic brought to your site and find out which snippets prove to be more clickable.

  • Check ranking positions of Youtube videos

    Keep a track of your keyword rankings for any videos, playlists or channels on Youtube.

    To begin grabbing ranking data, add a link to a Youtube video as a project URL in the format: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvzVf0JGQ_o

  • Reveal rankings of any webpage                   

    Facebook profile or community page, Twitter account, Youtube or Vimeo video, or any other page of your site or your competitor's site.

    Add a link to your webpage as a project URL and keep a record of daily and monthly changes in ranks.

  • Add and monitor landing pages              

    Match your keywords or groups of keywords with landing pages.

    Hunt down and reveal any changes of pages that come up in search results for each keyword.

  • Measure traffic coming to your website

    Integrate Google Analytics and merge its data with your project.

    Get accurate stats for traffic brought by your keywords to the website.

  • Get targeted search ranking results

    Customize projects to track keywords in multiple locations and languages as if from different countries.

    We geolocate all keywords to the city for Google, Bing, and Yandex and to the country for Yahoo.

  • Manage access to your project         

    Grant or transfer access to your project to any other authorized user.

    Manage what another user sees: give full control (rank tracker) or let him view project only.

Mobile app

Topvisor free mobile app provides an instant high-speed access to all your projects.

Wherever you are, you can always track rankings, top up your balance, create new projects and manage existing ones: add and delete keywords on your iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android devices.


  • Thomas Harvey

    Consultant - ThomasHarvey.me

    After using Topvisor for a couple of months I believe it's one of the best rank tracking tools out there. The support from the team is second to none. Very responsive to suggestions.

    I use with clients of all sizes, 20,000+ keywords all the way down to 10, very affordable and well worth the money.

  • Enstine Muki

    SEO blogger - EnstineMuki.com

    With over 3 flagship features, Topvisor looks at common SEO elements from perspectives that produce more results than you get elsewhere.

    The pricing structure they offer is the most flexible we have in the digital world today. You may want to pay-as-you-go. Drop funds into your account and only use them each time there is an action.

  • Konstantin Kanin

    CEO at DaСompany, Blogger - KonstantinKanin.com

    In addition to Google and Bing, it is crucial for our agency to get actual data about our clients’ website rankings on Yandex, depending on location and immediately after Yandex SERP updates.

    I tried a lot of services, and none of them does this job as good as Topvisor. And besides that, unlike their competitors Topvisor has clear pricing policy, which is pretty fair and very attractive.

  • Alex Cimpoca

    Using Topvisor is a wonderful experience for me as I don’t have to pay out monthly fees for tracking my rankings. The interface is simple and straightforward. I recommend the service for everyone who wants to see how they are doing in Google.

  • Kristaps Horns

    Director and owner at Ideaspool

    Topvisor has been essential for us in helping our clients to advance the Google ladder. After using Topvisor for more than a year, and trying next to all the tools readily available online, I can say with certainty, that it delivers business essential data fast and with precision. Most importantly, it has helped us to save a significant amount of money, by targeting only those keywords, that are profitable, and finding new options for better business tomorrow.

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