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Data sorting options

Use data sorting options to customize keyword ranking reports. You can export customized reports to any supported file format.

Basic options

  • Data sorting

  • Tags

  • Exclude keywords

To sort data, select an option and click it. To reset sorting, press Default.

Sort by keyword ranking

To sort keywords by ranking in the Ascending order, pick a date and click it. Click a date again to sort keyword data in the Descending order. By clicking the date once again, you'll reset sorting.

You can apply sorting by ranking to any date in the report.

Sort by visits

Click  , to sort keywords by visits in the Ascending order. Click again   to sort data in the Descending order. Click   to reset.

To sort data, select tags from the list.

Please note that you can use all color tags to create a keyword list. Read more on applying color tags in the related documentation.

Keywords added within a period are keywords that have been added to the project within the applied period

For example, you added 10 new Keywords between 01.03.18 and 10.03.18. Now you need to view keyword dynamics over the past 30 days (01.03.18 — 30.03.18). So, the new keywords may "spoil" statistics and affect the Visibility and Average Position metrics.

To hide these keywords, apply the Hide Keywords added within the applied period option. With this option, you can generate a report without new keywords added within the applied period.

To display all keywords added to the project, apply the All added Keywords option.