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Interface guide

  • Basic mode

  • Advanced mode

1. Display mode select, tools and search.
2. Selectors (pick and manage data to display).
3. Page summary (group and keyword count).
4. Groups.
5. New group (press to add).

1. Display mode select and Tools.
2. Page summary (group and keyword count).
3. Folders.
4. Groups.
5. Keywords.

Display modes

Keywords page supports three display modes to manage keywords: a Basic mode (default), an Advanced mode and a Trash bin. To switch between the modes, use buttons on the toolbar. For Keywords pages that store over 6 000 keywords, the Basic mode is blocked and unavailable.

  • Basic mode

  • Advanced mode

  • Trash

The Basic mode is to manage small or average projects (up to 6 000 keywords) with a few keyword groups. Please note that you can pick and switch between group folders (if any) in the drop-down list on the toolbar.

The Advanced mode is to manage large projects with many keyword groups. Advanced mode allows to create group folders to manage and sort project keywords and keyword groups.

The Trash is a temporary trash bin that store removed folders, groups and keywords. You can manage (sort, filter, etc.) and store removed data. The data mode to the Trash is stored for 3 days before it gets deleted.