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Competitor rankings

Competitor keyword rankings will be checked when you check keyword rankings of your main project. You can add up to 250 competitors in one project.

We'll check keyword rankings of your 5 competitors for free. For the competitors #6,7 - #250 we'll take additional charge: $0.00025 for 1 keyword in 1 search engine and 1 location.

Competitor 1 - Free
Competitor 2 - Free
Competitor 3 - Free
Competitor 4 - Free
Competitor 5 - Free
Competitor 6 - $0.00025
Competitor 7 - $0.0005
Competitor 8 - $0.00075
Competitor 9 - $0.001
And so on.

Competitor websites

To add a competitor website, complete as follows:

  1. Create a project or pick one from the list.
  2. Open the Rank Tracker page.
  3. Press and select Competitors.
  4. Enter a competitor URL.
  5. Press or Enter on the keyboard.
Competitors settings Add competitors

How to manage competitors

A competitor name is displayed in the list of competitors and on the Ranks page.

To rename a competitor, click its name and change it.

Rename competitor
To change a sorting order, press and hold a competitor to drag and drop it where you need.

Competitor websites will be displayed on the Ranks page in the order you selected.

Sorting order
You can turn off a competitor website (one or many) and stop tracking its keyword rankings. All previously collected ranking history will be stored forever.

To turn off a competitor website, toggle a switch to inactive.

Turn on and off competitors

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