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Topvisor Case Championship: show how cool you are in SEO

Join the competition for any level SEO‑specialists. Discuss your success in SEO and share the experience with your colleagues. Come compete for prizes from Topvisor.
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What is a Case Championship

What is a Case Championship

Topvisor Case Championship is an opportunity to discuss the details you face in your practice, the way you solve a range of issues and the service's tools supporting you in your professional life. There's plenty of opportunities for both agencies and freelancers.
Make a name up for yourself
Share your knowledge and show how awesome you are at SEO.
Enrich your portfolio
Compete in the championship, present your cases and win prizes. You can boost your portfolio with a participant's case.
Find new customers
Participate in the championship, get shortlisted and your case will be seen by hundreds of Topvisor Journal readers, including potential clients.
Learn from the pros
Submit cases, get on the shortlist and receive feedback from TOP industry experts. All winners' case studies will be commented on in our Telegram.
Win prizes
Enter the competition and be in with a chance to win prizes from Topvisor. We're raffling away plan subscriptions and limited merchandise.
Leave your footprint in the industry
Be part of not only the history of the championship, but also the history of SEO. Share cases and contribute to the development of the industry.
The Case Competition Rules

The Case Competition Rules

To pass the initial stage of selection, you need to specify: the name of the SEO‑specialist; the target client's niche; the data on the beginning of the work; the solution of the task with arguments; the qualitative or quantitative results. Detailed information about the requirements to the cases is given below. Participation in the championship is free of charge. See the 2023 rules
Cases are Judged by a Team of SEO Experts
Alexander Alaev
Alexander Alaev Head of the АлаичЪ и Ко studio. Runs the channel АлаичЪ про SEO, бизнес и …
Mikhail Shakin
Mikhail Shakin Chief SEO expert outside the CIS. Runs the SEO канал Михаила Шакина
Yulia Potapova
Yulia Potapova Head of SEO at Подружка store. Runs the channel SEO_feya и факторы ранжирования
Alexey Panshin
Alexey Panshin Head of Паньшин Групп agency. Runs the channel Лидген и бизнес💰
Airat Rakhimzyanov
Airat Rakhimzyanov SEO‑expert since 2011. Author of SEO‑секретики channel.
Maxim Kotenkov
Maxim Kotenkov More than 7 years of experience in SEO. Author of the channel Максим Котёнков — SEO для бизнеса
Victor Kargin
Victor Kargin Founder of the largest and most popular chats on SEO SEO chat true Original 100%
Ilya Karbyshev
Ilya Karbyshev Ilya Karbyshev has been in SEO and online marketing since 2014. Author of the channel Бухта Карбышева
Alexander Chepukaitis
Alexander Chepukaitis Head of Ant‑ digital agency. Runs SEO от Ant‑Team
Sergey Ludkevich
Sergey Ludkevich Working in SEO since the early 2000's. Author of the channel SЕalytics (Сергей Людкевич)
Ramazan Mindubaev
Ramazan Mindubaev Head of SEO‑department in the TRINET.Group Internet agency. Chief of the SEO CLUB SPB chat room.
Ivan Zimin
Ivan Zimin More than 10 years of actual experience in the field of SEO. Runs the channel Hey, moneymaker!
Alexander Denisov
Alexander Denisov SEO analyst and SEO DevRel at kite. agency.
Andrew Antokhin
Andrew Antokhin Practicing Western markets SEO specialist and author of the Hello Digital World 🌏 blog.
Alexander Chukhlebov
Alexander Chukhlebov 7+ years in SEO. Author of the SEO Дебри channel.
Sergey Torkunoff
Sergey Torkunoff Ex Head of SEO in beeline, founder of the Torkunoff Agency and author of the channel ОФИГЕВШИЙ СЕОШНИК
How do I know whether my case is suitable?
The main request for cases is to start working on the project no earlier than May 2023. Also, the case must necessarily use Topvisor tools. Read the detailed requirements by clicking the button below.
How many Cases can I send? Does it have to be unique?
Only one case per author is accepted. There are no specific rules for uniqueness. You can send a case that has already been published somewhere outside Topvisor Journal. Cases from last year's competition cannot be sent.
Is there some kind of Sample template to use when designing a Case?
There is no template. The case is prepared in Google Doc form. The document must contain graphics and screenshots from web analytics systems, ranking checkers and similar services. Each image should be explained in the text. It is necessary to give access to the document via a link.
Do I have to come up with the Case title and description myself?
We can help you, but it's better if you provide the title and description yourself. It will be more precise 😉
How much is the Participation fee?
Participation in the case championship is free of charge.
I Wanna Jump in! Where Do I Click?

I Wanna Jump in! Where Do I Click?

The next competition will be in the Summer 2024. You can't submit a case yet, but you can leave your contact info in the Google Form below and we'll email you when we start accepting applications. If you still have questions, contact Support via the website chat, Telegram bot, email or our VK group. Join waiting list