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Yandex.Direct (Yandex.Wordstat)

Yandex.Wordstat is a keyword statistics service that allows Yandex.Direct advertisers to assess user interest in specific topics and to find targeted keywords. The service contains detailed statistics on requests to Yandex over the last 30 days.

To get keyword ideas from Yandex.Direct, complete as follows:

  1. Create a project or pick one from the list.
  2. Move to the Keywords page.
  3. Click on the toolbar.
  4. Select Keyword research.
  5. Select Yandex.Direct to pull keyword ideas.
  6. Select or add a location (one or many).
  7. Check a box near + "People also searched" (Wordstat's right column).
  8. Set MAX pages (Wordstat page count to collect data).
  9. Enter one or several keywords.
  10. Click Research.

Pulling keyword ideas for 100 phrases costs $2.5 for one location. The total cost is calculated automatically.

Keyword research results

Keyword research tool returns all keywords displayed by Yandex.Wordstat for a phrase. In most cases, Keyword research tool pulls up to 2000 keywords for one phrase.

Uncommon use cases

In Yandex.Direct, you can use special symbols and operators to refine a keyword, negative keyword or search query in the keyword statistics service. You can combine operators.

Exact number of words

You may need to match the exact number of words, e.g. 3-word, 4-word, 5-word keywords. You can use this operator to collect keywords with cheaper clicks or check how search volume depends on the keyword length.

To collect keywords with the exact number of words, put quotation marks around a keyword and type it the exact number of times to match in the keyword research results.

For example, you need to collect 5-word keywords that include a word loan. Type loan five times in the quotation marks: "loan loan loan loan loan".

If you collect keywords for a two-word phrase but you want to collect three-word keywords, use the following syntax: french french doors or french doors doors.

Grouping and negative keywords

You may need to band synonyms together. For example, autos and cars.

Also, you may need to exclude keywords that contain specific words. To match these conditions, use the following syntax: buy (car | auto) -mileage.