Index status checker (beta)

Index-checker menu
It's important to make sure that search engine crawlers index your site on a regular basis. On the opposite, if
you notice that your site was all of a sudden removed from indexes (which actually can be caused by a bunch
of reasons like hosting issues, site errors, low-quality automatically generated content, etc.), that's a disturbing
alarm you should deal with here and now. Opposite to search engines webmaster's tools, we scan your site on
a per-page basis to get a more detailed picture.

You can check index status of your webpages in Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex!

How to schedule and check index status of webpages?

In order to check index status of webpages follow the below instruction:

  1. Go to Settings tab.
  2. Add one or several URLs to check index status:
    Add a URL to check
    or import URLs from a sitemap:

    • Move to Sitemap generator tool on the left navigation.
    • Upload or generate a sitemap.
    • Get back to Index status checker and move to the Settings.
    • In the drop-down menu select Import from sitemap and press OK.
      Import pages from sitemap
    You can add or remove pages from the list whenever you need.

    Manage list of pages
  3. Pick search engines.
  4. Set frequency and preferred time for index status updates.
    Schedule of scannings
  5. Press Scan in the right-upper corner.
  6. Confirm the operation in the pop-up window and wait until scanning's completed.
  7. Index status reports and history of previous scannings are stored on the Pages tab.