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Topvisor pricing plans and prices

  • XS (no subscription, no discount) - you pay $0 per month.
  • S (save 10%) - you pay $29 per month.
  • M (save 20%) - you pay $89 per month.
  • L (save 30%) - you pay $299 per month.
  • XL (save 40%) - you pay $599 per month.

Pricing plans allow to get a discount up to 40% for all tools and features. After you subscribe, we will bill you monthly in the beginning of the subscription period.

A subscription runs for one month, when you plan is active. The subscription starts to run once your plan is activated.

To subscribe to S, M, L, and XL plan, add a credit or a debit card or use your account balance to buy a plan. We will charge your card each month automatically. After the payment is processed, the plan cost is credited to the account.

Note that the amount credited to the Pricing plan balance gets zeroed out in the end of each month. If you run out of your pricing plan balance before the end of the month, you can top up your Account balance to continue using Topvisor tools. The discounted prices are available until the plan expires, even if you have no credit left on the Pricing plan account.

In other words, you can use your Personal account balance to pay for the Topvisor tools at the discounted price.

Notice that the Pricing plan credit has been spent, but the discount is active until the end of the subscription period. We'll bill a Personal account balance.

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