Topvisor pricing plans and prices

Тopvisor pricing plans
  • XS (no credit card) - pay-as-you-go, basic price list.
  • S (save 10%) - you pay $30 per month.
  • M (save 20%) - you pay $90 per month.
  • L (save 30%) - you pay $300 per month.
  • XL (save 40%) - you pay $600 per month.

Pricing plans allow to get a discount up to 40% for all tools and features. Plans are active during one month. After you subscribe, we will bill you monthly in the beginning of each month. The plan is activated on the day you subscribe.

To subscribe to S, M, L, and XL plan, you can add credit and debit cards, link your PayPal account or pick a Wire transfer method. We will charge your card or PayPal account each month automatically. If you choose a Wire transfer option, we'll send you an invoice to pay a week before the current subscription period expires. After your payment is successfully processed, the amount equal to the cost of the plan will be deposited to your account. You can use it to run any tools without limits at the discounted price.

Note that the deposit will be added to the Pricing plan balance. It gets zeroed out in the end of each month. If you run out of your pricing plan balance before the end of the month, you can top up your balance with any amount anytime. The discounted prices stay available until the date of pricing plan expiration, even if you have no credit left on the Pricing plan account.

How do I subscribe to a pricing plan?

To subscribe to a plan, follow the below instruction:

  1. Sign in to Topvisor and press Balance. Balance
  2. Move to the Subscription tab.
  3. Choose a pricing plan (1) and a payment method (2).
  4. Press Purchase (3).
  5. Select a plan to subscribe

Methods of payment

Credit/debit card
You may choose to pay with a business banking card or a personal credit/debit card.

We process your payment via Paddle Checkout System . If you choose to pay with a credit card, you'll be transferred to the payment system site. Enter your country, a ZIP/Post Code, and confirm the details. On the next screen you'll be asked to enter your banking card details: a card number, an expiration date and a security code (CVV). Make sure the details you entered are correct and press Pay now. The pricing plan will be activated after your payment is confirmed by the payment system.

PayPal enables purchasing items or services and transferring money without disclosing banking card details or other personal info. PayPal covers all purchases with Paypal Purchase Protection. A buyer can file a dispute 180 days since the day of the payment.

To subscribe to a pricing plan with PayPal, select PayPal in the methods of payment, fill in the details on the PayPal website and confirm the payment.

Note, that you need to sign up for PayPal and link a banking card to your PayPal account to purchase a plan.
Wire transfer
A company may transfer money to Topvisor using a wire transfer. We accept payments wire transfers in the United States dollars or Thai bahts (for companies registered in Thailand). Invoices will be automatically generated and provided to each company. Once payment is successfully completed, we generate a receipt to download. You can download a receipt and an invoice in your account under Billing on the Payment warrants tab.

To subscribe to a pricing plan and pay by invoice, select Wire transfer in the methods of payment, fill in the company details and confirm the payment. An invoice will be automatically uploaded to your computer.

Pay by Topvisor Invoice

Note that you may choose any available method of payment and pay on behalf of your company. To do so, pick a method of payment, check a box near Company, add all details (Originating country, Company name, Company address, and Tax ID). We provide a receipt and an invoice for each successful payment made on behalf of a company.

How do I change a pricing plan or cancel a subscription?

Once you subscribe to a plan, you'll be redirected to the Pricing plan tab. The tab stores your subscription details: an expiration date, card details, a plan, the cost, and the discount you get.
Plan details
You can switch to another pricing plan anytime for free. A new plan will be activated after your current plan expires. Your current plan is active due to the expiration date.

To change a pricing plan, pick a new plan and press Change pricing plan.

Switching to another pricing plan
Change pricing plan

To cancel your subscription, pick an XS plan (no subscription) and press Change pricing plan. Your subscription will be canceled after your current plan expires. When it's canceled you'll be charged for the tools based on the basic price list.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of pricing plans?
  1. After you purchase a pricing plan, you can save up to 40%. Basically, that means that you'll pay 40% less for each tool. For example, if you spend $1000 monthly, subscription to an XL plan will save you $400 and you will spend $600.
  2. The payment for the pricing plan will be added to your account as a deposit. If you run out of balance before your plan expires, you can top up your balance with any sum. The discount will still be active until the end of the subscription period.
  3. You can change the plan or cancel your subscription anytime. Once your subscription expires, you'll be charged based on the basic price list.
Can I use a credit on my balance to subscribe to a plan?
No, to subscribe to a plan you need to add a credit card or link a PayPal account. However, if you already have a credit on your balance, it won't be zeroed out. You can use it after your pricing plan expires or you run out of the pricing plan deposit.
What will happen to the deposit in my account when the plan expires?
The deposit remaining on your account by the end of the month will be zeroed out. We will bill your credit card or a PayPal account with the cost of the pricing plan.