Shared projects

A project owner in Topvisor can share project(s) with another Topvisor users, and give or restrict access to various tools and features.

Based on your needs, you may allow a guest user to track keyword rankings for your project on his own, or give access to a project report preview only.

To share your project with another user, follow the below instruction:

  1. Create a project or pick one from the list.
  2. Move to the project settings and switch to the Access settings Projects settings
  3. Enter an email of the user you want to share your project with and press Enter email
  4. Pick tools and features you want to grant access to.

To view all projects shared with you, pick Shared projects or Personal and shared projects in the drop-down menu on the Projects page.

Shared project

Guest link

If you need to share a project with a client who doesn't have a Topvisor account, you may create and send a guest link. Guest links allow to access project data without registration in Topvisor. You can create a guest link and share it whenever and wherever.

When you share a guest link, you may choose to display or hide Search Volume and Summary (including Advanced summary), and allow or restrict to pick the dates in the calendar. To customize these access options, check boxes near the required options in the guest link settings.

Guest link settings
For example, if you don't check a box near Allow to pick dates a guest user won't be able to change a time range to view keyword dynamics for other dates.

View guest link