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Project transfer

By default, Topvisor users have full access to all projects they create: to view project stats, run tools, change and manage settings. When you create a project, you become a Project owner.

To change a Project owner, you need to transfer your project to another Topvisor user. After the project transfer, we will bill a new owner for all operations within a project. A new project owner will manage and control the project. You won't be able to restore the access to the project without a new owner's confirmation.

To change a Project owner, perform the instruction below:

  1. Pick a project you need to transfer.
  2. Move to the project settings and switch to the Transfer tab.
  3. Enter a new owner Email.
  4. Press Transfer.
  5. Wait until a new owner confirms the transfer.

Change owner
We will send a confirmation message to the email address you entered. A user needs to click a confirmation link in the message to complete the project transfer and become a new project owner.

In case you don't want to transfer a project to another user anymore, you can cancel the transfer before a user clicks a confirmation link.

Pending transfer

Helpful tips

After the transfer, a former project owner can no longer manage and control the project. However, the project will still be displayed on the project list as a shared project.

To remove the project from the list, a former owner should press in the left-upper corner of the project panel and confirm the operation.

A new owner can restrict access to a project, and remove a former owner from the delegates list on the Access tab of the project settings. After that, a former owner will no longer have access to the project, and it will be removed from the project list.

Remove old owner

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