Keywords page (Dashboard, Tools, and Features)

A Keywords page is where you store and manage your keywords. Use the toolbar to access keyword research, search volume, keyword grouping and other keyword tools. A keyword, in SEO, is a pre-selected word or phrase, that describes the contents of a Web-page.

Use the keyword tools to research keywords, pull extra keyword data (search volume, CPC), group and segment your keywords for deeper analysis.

To get started, import your keyword list or spark new ideas from available sources: Google Adwords (Keyword Planner), Webmaster Bing, Yandex.Direct/Wordstat, Webmaster

Integrate your account with popular webmaster (Google Search Console, Yandex Webmaster) and search analytics tools (Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrica) to reveal keywords you have missed. For example, find keywords that bring traffic to your website or show impressions, but you don't track them.

Pull Search suggestions from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex,, Sputnik and Youtube to get fresh content ideas and collect extra powerful keywords for your website.


To access the Keywords page, complete as follows:

  1. Sign in to Topvisor.
  2. Create a project or pick one from the list.
  3. Press to move to the Keywords page.

Keywords page icon

Interface guide

Interface guide: Keywords


1 Control buttons and search
1.1 Default mode.
1.2 Keywords 3.0 mode.
1.3 Trash bin mode.
1.4 Keyword import
1.5 Keyword export
1.6 Filters and bulk actions.
      1.7 Keyword research/Search suggestions/Magnet.
1.8 Search Volume tool.
1.9 Keyword grouping (Clustering/By relevance).
1.10 Sorting order and display options.
1.11 Color tags.
1.12 Search.
2 Selectors
2.1 Data source.
2.2 Location.
2.3 CPC.
2.4 Search Volume type.
3 Info dashboard
3.1 Turn on / turn off all groups.
3.2 Active and idle group count.
3.3 Active and idle keyword count.
3.4 Total keyword Search Volume.

Keyword groups

4 Groups
4.1 Active group.
4.2 Group name.
4.3 Search in group.
4.4 Keyword sorting.
4.5 Context menu.
4.6 Search Volume tool.
4.7 Save keywords.
4.8 Copy keywords.
      4.9 Delete group.
4.10 Delete keyword.
4.11 Move keywords.
4.12 Add keywords.
4.13 Cost-per-click (CPC).
4.14 Search Volume.
4.15 Idle group.
5 New group
New group
5.1 Add new group.
5.2 Name (click to rename).
5.3 New group with no keywords.
Interface guide: Keywords 3.0


1 Control buttons and search
1.1 Default mode
1.2 Keywords 3.0 mode.
1.3 Trash bin mode.
1.4 Keyword import.
1.5 Filters and bulk actions.
      1.6 Keyword research/Search Suggestions/Magnet.
1.7 Search Volume.
1.8 Grouping (Clustering/By relevance).
2 Info dashboard
2.1 Active and idle groups count.
2.2 Active and idle keywords count.

Folders, Groups, Keywords

3 Folders
3.1 Title (double-click to hide).
3.2 Select all.
3.3 Search folder name.
      3.4 Add folder.
3.5 Subfolders.
4 Groups
4.1, 4.2 Folder name*.
4.3 All folder.
4.4 Select all.
4.5 Filter (active/idle).
4.6 Group sorting (A/Z).
4.7 Search group name.
4.8 Add group.
4.9 Active group.
4.10 Idle group.
      4.11 Toolbar.
4.12 Search Volume tool.
4.13 Export.
4.14 Move groups.
4.15 Turn on, turn off group.
4.16 Move to Trash.
5 Keywords
5.1, 5.2 Tabs (Group names).
5.3 Select all.
5.4 Sorting (A/Z).
5.5 Search keyword.
5.6 Add keyword.
      5.7 All keywords.
5.8 Pick columns.
5.9 Color tags.
5.10 Keywords.
5.11 Target links (URL).