Keywords page

On the keywords page, there is a ready-made set of handy tools for keyword research and analysis.
A keyword, in SEO, is a particular pre-selected word or phrase, that describes the contents of a Web-page.

You can add a keyword list from the file, bulk upload keywords, grab new ideas from Google Adwords,
Bing Webmaster or spark ideas for new keywords from keyword suggestions.

Main keyword features include keyword research tool, search volume tracker, magnet tool, automated keyword
clustering tool and search-suggestions harvesting tool. We recommend you to try them and use as a whole to
drive your SEO-productivity.

Interface map

Interface map: Keywords page


1. Control buttons and search
1.1 Display mode switching.
1.2 Color tag.
1.3 Keywords import.
1.4 Keyword export.
1.5 Keyword research/Search-suggestions harvest/Magnet.
1.6 Search volume tracking.
    1.7 Automated keyword grouping.
1.8 Hide/show keyword group.
1.9 Trash bin.
1.10 Filters and bulk operations
1.11 Search.
2. Selectors
2.1 Source of data.
2.2 Location.
2.3 Bid.
2.4 Search volume type.
3. Notification Center
3.1 Active groups or keywords.
3.2 Idle groups or keywords.
3.3 Enable / disable all groups and keywords.

Keyword groups

4. Groups
Keyword groups
4.1 Active group.
4.2 Group name.
4.3 Group search.
4.4 Keyword sorting.
4.5 Context menu.
4.6 Pagination.
4.7 Search volume tracking.
4.8 Keyword export.
                          4.9 Import keyword to another project.
4.10 Remove group.
4.11 Delete keyword.
4.12 CPC.
4.13 Search volume.
4.14 Move keyword.
4.15 Add keyword.
4.16 Idle group.
5. New group
New group
5.1 Create new group.
5.2 New empty group.