Sitemap (sitemap.xml) is a file with a list of website pages. Sitemap informs search engines of the pages you'd like to index, when they were last updated, how often they should be re-crawled and their priority against other pages of your website. Sitemap.xml helps web crawlers scan all pages of your website and correctly determine the webpage priority.

To submit sitemap.xml to search engines, type in your file URL in the search engine dashboards (Google Search Console, Bing - Webmaster Tools, etc.) and add a string in robots.txt as follows:


The tool includes a sitemap generator, a sitemap upload, and a sitemap auto-update feature.

• Use a Sitemap generator if your CMS doesn't support building of a complete up-to-date sitemap.xml. Keep a generated sitemap up-to-date by refreshing it from time to time.

• Use a sitemap upload and a sitemap autorefresh combined with the related audit tools: Website Audit tool, Index checker, and Website Watcher.

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