Keyword research tool

A keyword is a single word, several words or a phrase that is relevant to the contents of a website and can
influence a website ranking. Basically, keywords partially or completely match search queries that users enter
when looking for the information.

You should have a pool of keywords to focus on when targeting your website to get conversions. Keywords must
be relevant to what a visitor sees on your webpage.

To get the highest possible number of keyword ideas use all available sources. Topvisor keyword research tool
grabs keywords on auto-pilot from Google Adwords(Keyword Planner), Webmaster Bing and Yandex.Direct

Keyword research

In order to start researching keywords follow the below guide:

  1. Go to Keywords page
  2. Press on the toolbar.
  3. Pick Keyword research.
  4. In the pop-up window select one or several research sources and add keywords (one keyword per
    Keyword research options
  5. Press Research.

The tool costs $0.1 per one keyword research in one location from any of the available sources. Cost will be
calculated automatically.

Notice that you can add locations for Google Adwords, Webmaster Bing and Yandex.Direct. Basically, that means
that you can skip keywords irrelevant to your location.

Set locations for keyword research
Processing the task won't take more than 15 minutes. But it may depend on server load at the moment.

Keyword research results

Keyword research tool will create a list of groups. Each group contains keywords harvested from a particular source and based on a particular search query. A short abbreviation near group's name points at the keyword source:

AD - Google Adwords
BI - Webmaster Bing
DI - Yandex.Direct
      HG - Google Search suggestions
HYh - Yahoo Search suggestions
HB - Bing Search suggestions
HY - Yandex Search suggestions

Groups with keyword ideas the tool grabbed are switched off automatically once keyword research is finished. It means that rank-tracker won't take these keywords into consideration when running a ranking report.

Turn group on or off
In order to turn a group on, press a small red spot in the left corner of the group. A number of active and inactive groups and keywords is displayed in the right-upper corner of the screen.

You can turn on or turn off all groups at once by pressing On or Off all groups.

Notice that you might see search volume and PPC data near some keywords. It means that other users have grabbed search volume data for these keywords before.

Harvested search volume data is stored in the database and can get out of date. It stays valid within a month and then being updated by sources servers. We highly recommend updating search volume monthly to keep data fresh and relevant.