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Keyword Clustering

Keyword clustering tool automatically segments your keywords into relevant groups based on TOP-10 of Google and Yandex search engines. All locations and languages are supported.

How it works

The tool generates and sends automated queries to search engines and then matches webpages from the search results to each keyword. If the search engine returns the same webpages for different keywords and there are several matches for those, they are banded up together (clustered). Keywords that revealed no matches in TOP-10 of search results are grouped into a separate group named Stray keywords. Each webpage may have a list of target keywords. Keyword clustering tool creates relevant keyword groups to run up to a top-rate SEO performance.

To cluster keywords, complete as follows:

  1. Create project or pick one from the list.
  2. Move to the Keywords page.
  3. Import or research keywords.
  4. Press on the toolbar.
  5. Select Keyword clustering by TOP10.
  6. In the pop-up window select a Search engine, a Location and a Language.*
  7. Select a Clustering level and a Clustering type.
  8. Press Start.

*If no location is selected, the tool uses London, UK as a target location.

Clustering by TOP10
Clustering options
During the keyword grouping, your interface will be locked. Estimated time of keyword clustering for 5000 keywords is 10-15 minutes.

Clustering in process
Once the tasks are processed, you'll get a complete keywords structure.

Re-clustering (re-grouping)

You can change a clustering Level and a clustering Method to re-group keyword structure within seven days after clustering. Re-grouping costs $0.003 per 100 keywords.

Grouping level

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