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SERP Snapshots. Quick tour

To view a SERP Snapshot, add a keyword (one or many). Please note that the tool displays keywords of a selected folder and/or group.

Group keywords
To add a keyword and view a SERP Snapshot, complete as follows:

  1. Create a project or pick one from the list.
  2. Add keywords to your project (one or many).
  3. Move to the Project settings and switch to the Search engines tab.
  4. Select a Save SERP Snapshots option.
  5. Schedule rank tracking or check keyword rankings on demand.
  6. Move to the Snapshots page.
  7. Select a Search engine, a Location, a Folder and a Group.
  8. Place the cursor into the keyword input field and start typing a keyword.
  9. Pick a keyword from a drop-down list.
Keyword SERP snapshot

Comparing SERP Snapshots

To compare different keyword SERP Snapshots, place the cursor into the keyword field again, start typing another keyword and pick a keyword from the list. To remove a keyword, hover over it and click.

Compare SERP snapshots

Gray out competitor websites

To gray out competitor websites in the Snapshots (one or many), complete as follows:

  1. Press on the toolbar.
  2. Enter a URL or paste a list of URLs.
  3. Press OK.


You may need to track only your website in the SERP TOP or only new websites in TOP10. Webiste URLs that you entered will be grayed out and can be ignored during a quick Snapshot review.

Highlighted websites

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