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Free SEO course from Topvisor

Basic SEO course
Free SEO course "Start to the profession" You’ll get the picture of how search engines work and go all the way from website setup to SEO audit. We provide all the necessary knowledge to start a career as an SEO specialist or set up the promotion of your website, as well as we’ll give you a certificate of completion of the course.
Understand how the search engines Yandex and Google work
Learn how the Internet works, what is a server, hosting, DNS and IP
Prepare the website for promotion, run an initial SEO audit, analyze the search demand
Learn how to collect semantics, given the specifics of the business
Work out page‑by‑page and technical optimization and links
Figure out how commercial and behavioral factors affect promotion
Talking about SEO in an interesting and simple way

Talking about SEO in an interesting and simple way

This is the most intuitive and complete basic SEO course on the web. You no longer need to collect information piecemeal, search for basic textbooks and books and struggling to figure out which of these is really useful.
You’ll catch everything that is necessary

You’ll catch everything that is necessary

You’ll get all the necessary knowledge to start promoting websites from scratch. The course has 9 modules and 70 lessons with theory and practice. All the lessons are illustrated with clear diagrams and screenshots, and you can apply the knowledge you’ve gained and check your site using Topvisor tools.
We’ll support you in the telegram chat

We’ll support you in the telegram chat

The course has a telegram chat for students. In the chat, you can ask questions about the course and discuss progress with other students. We don't have any curators, but we’ll try our best to make you feel comfortable. Sometimes we’ll invite experts to the chat so that you can find out everything you want and ask for advice.
Certificate after the course

Certificate after the course

We grant certification after passing the final test. The course materials are available indefinitely, and the certificate is available by link. Share the certificate with your employers and include a link in your resume to confirm your competencies.
Программа курса
How is the course organized?

There are 9 modules in the course. To solidify knowledge, there are final tests at the end of the lessons. They don’t affect anything and student are not limited on the tests.

After you complete all the modules of the course, we’ll invite you to take the final test. This is not necessary, but you won’t be able to get a certificate if you refuse to test.

Only those who successfully pass the final test will get the certificate. The number of attempts is unlimited.

How much does the course cost?
The course is completely free. You can take it at any time as many times as you want.
How do I get a certificate?

At the end of the course, we’ll offer you to take the final test. If you pass it successfully, you’ll be able to receive a certificate from Topvisor.

The certificate generates after passing the test and is available via the link. It’s also available for download in PDF format.

Who should I ask questions to?
There are no curators or mentors in the course who would answer students' questions, but we’re always ready to answer you in the chat if you have any questions. Be sure to join the chat and write to us about everything — the link will appear on the course page after the start of training. And also write to us and share your feedback.
What should I do if I have any questions about Topvisor?
Then take it up with Help Center or Topvisor Support — they will definitely help!
Сourse team
Aleksandr Sopoev
Aleksandr Sopoev SEO specialist, chief expert, author and methodologist of the course.
Diana Bagirova
Diana Bagirova The publishing editor. Came up with everything and put together a team. Keep an eye on the course.
Yuliya Fedotova
Yuliya Fedotova Producer. Helps to make sure that you find out about the course and like it.
Artem Tyurin
Artem Tyurin Described how the Internet works in an interesting and understandable way.
Diana Tikhonova
Diana Tikhonova Explained how search engines work.
Anastasiya Samoylova
Anastasiya Samoylova Designer. Came up with the design of the Academy and drew the illustrations that you’ll see in the lessons.
Anastasiya Vasilyeva
Anastasiya Vasilyeva Chief editor of Topvisor Journal. Ensures that the course is topical and claimed.
Viktor Syrkashev
Viktor Syrkashev Developer. Designed the Academy, added the main modules and checked that everything was working correctly.
Galina Okhotnikova
Galina Okhotnikova Developer. Assembled an Academy and made it so that you could take the course and get a certificate.