Rank tracker scheduler

You can use a flexible scheduler to trigger automated keyword ranking reports on the set days and times. If needed, you can disable auto-pilot updates and run checks on demand. Each project can be tuned on a case by case basis.

To schedule updates follow the below guide:

  1. Go to the Projects page.
  2. Create a project or pick an existing one.
  3. Press to move to the Project settings. Projects settings
  4. On the left navigation bar click Schedule.
  5. Pick the option that suits you best.

Scheduling options


1. On certain days of the week

Set the time you want your updates to trigger and check a box near one or several days of the week. The tool will run updates on the set days and times.

2. On certain dates

Set a preferred time and check boxes near the dates you want your ranking reports to run. The tool will update your rankings on the set dates and times.

3. The set number of updates each month

Pick the number of updates (from 1 to 27) and choose the preferred time. The tool will run ranking reports the set number of times in the set time.

4. On demand

There are three different ways to run an on-demand ranking update (manual check):

• Pick a project in the list and press   
• Move to the Ranks page and press   
• Use a Bulk update to track rankings of several projects at once.

Button states:

  •    - on hold.
  •    - tasks are processing.
  •    - rankings update has been completed.

5. How can I prevent the tool to run the update twice on the same day?

If you ran a ranking report manually and don't want the tool to run an automated ranking update on the same day, check a box near Do not run automated update if rankings were updated manually on the same day to prevent the tool from updating your rankings once again.