Guest link

You can create short guest links (tiny URLs) to share your project with anonymous guest users. Guest users don't require a login to view data. To share a project report (e.g. keyword dynamics, Website Watcher reports, etc.), create a guest link and send it to your co-workers or clients.

You can post a link on social media or attach it to an Email. Guest links never expire and remain valid forever.

Guest link

How do I share a project using a guest link?

Keyword ranks (Dynamics)
To share a keyword ranking report, complete as follows:

  1. Move to the Keyword dynamics page.
  2. Pick a time range in the settings.
  3. Press on the toolbar.
  4. Copy and share a URL.

Guest link options and restrictions

You can choose to hide search volume data and a project summary and disable a date picker for guest users.

Guest link report


1 - Snippet display mode.
2 - Select search engine.
3 - Select location.
4 - Select keyword group.
5 - Pick dates.

Options and restrictions

Search volume hidden.
Summary hidden.
Visits hidden.
Website Watcher, Index Checker, Website Audit Tool
To share a report, complete as follows:

  1. Pick a tool: Website Watcher, Index Checker or Website SEO Audit.
  2. Move to the tool's page.
  3. Press in the right upper corner.
  4. Copy and share a URL.

How do I disable a guest link?

To disable a guest link, complete as follows:

  1. Move to the URL Shortener page.
  2. Pick a link to disable.
  3. Press to move the link to Trash.

Move to the Trash (1) and press (2) to restore a guest link.

Recover link