Search suggestions

  • Available options to grab search suggestions.
  • What is a depth of search suggestions harvest?
  • How do I grab search suggestions?
  • Results and abbreviations.
  • Keyword suggestions are search predictions of popular keywords beginning with the same letters and related to
    the phrase you are typing in the search box. Search suggestions are based on frequent searches of other people
    and the content of web pages.

    You can collect keyword suggestions from all popular search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex,, Sputnik, and Youtube. You can switch between different options of keyword harvest and set a targeted location.

    Options of keyword suggestions harvest

    • "keyword[a-z]"
    • "keyword[0-9]"
    • "keyword[ ]"

    You can apply the options [a-z] and [0-9] anywhere within a keyword. To apply an option add * anywhere in the keyword, for example:

    TV * samsung price


    TV samsung * price

    If you haven't picked a preferred option, search suggestions will be grabbed using a default method: "keyword".

    What is a depth of search suggestions harvest?

    You can set how deep you want the tool to scrape suggestions. First, the tool grabs all suggestions for a primary
    keyword you entered, then it scrapes suggestions for those results it received. Third-level keyword suggestions
    are harvested by submitting the second-level suggestions to search engines.

    Search suggestions, level 1

    1st level of search suggestions
    Search suggestions, level 2

    2nd level of search suggestions
    Search suggestions, level 3

    3rd level of search suggestions

    How do I grab search suggestions?

    In order to grab search suggestions follow the below guide.

    1. Move to Keywords page.
    2. Press    on the toolbar.
    3. Pick Grab keyword suggestions.

      Sources of search suggestions
    4. Select a search engine (1) and enter a targeted location (2) to scrape keyword suggestions.
    5. Pick options (3) and a nesting level (4) of keyword harvest.
    6. Enter keywords: one keyword per line (5).
    7. Check the box (6) if you want to band up fresh keywords within a single group.

      Keyword harvest costs $0,003 for all available search engines (per one primary keyword
      in one location).

      Total cost depends on the number of search engines, locations, settings, depth and the
      number of primary keywords.

      Total cost will be calculated automatically (7).

    8. Press Start.

    Results and abbreviations.

    The tool will create a list of groups with grabbed keywords. A short abbreviation near a group's name points at
    the keyword source.

    Results of keyword suggestions harvest

    Results of search suggestions

    HG - Google
    HY - Yandex
    HYb - Youtube
    HYh - Yahoo
          HB - Bing
    HM -
    HS - Sputnik