Methods of payment

Banking card
You may choose to pay with a business banking card or a personal credit/debit card.

We process a card payment via Paddle Checkout System. If you choose to pay with a card, you'll be transferred to the payment system site where you'll be asked enter your country, a ZIP/Post Code, and confirm the details. On the next screen, enter your banking card details: a card number, an expiration date and a security code (CVV). Make sure that the details you entered are correct and press Pay now. The pricing plan will be activated after your payment is confirmed by the payment system.
Personal account balance
You may choose your Personal account balance to purchase a pricing plan.

If you choose a Personal account balance as a method of payment, we'll send you a notification message two days before the end of the billing cycle to remind that you should top up the balance to extend the plan.

If there are not enough funds to extend a subscription, your pricing plan will automatically change to the XS (no subscription). After switching to the XS plan, you'll be billed with a full price according to the price list.
PayPal enables purchasing items or services and transferring money without disclosing banking card details or other personal info. All PayPal purchases are covered with Paypal Purchase Protection. A buyer can file a dispute 180 days since the day of the payment.

To get started with PayPal, create a PayPal account and link a credit card to PayPal.

To subscribe to a pricing plan with PayPal, select a pricing plan, pick PayPal in the methods of payment, and follow the instructions on screen.

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