Option: filtration modes

Yandex Search has three filtration modes:

Moderate filtering — removes “adult sites” from searches that are clearly not for such content (enabled by default).

Family search — removes all offensive and pornographic materials from the search results. Webpages, sites and images are all filtered by Yandex automatically.

Do not filter — stops the search results from being filtered in any way.

Search settings
Filtration modes in Yandex search results settings should match a rank tracker filter in Topvisor to get correct rankings.

Search results filter

Other search engines

Google, Bing and other search engines also support filtration modes. For example, Google SafeSearch removes 'adult' images, videos, and links to 'adult content' from searches.

Safe search
The selected filtration mode will be applied to all search engines that support the filter. If a search engine doesn't support a selected filter, the Rank tracker ignores this option.

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