Website Watcher Tool: Monitor Any Website Changes

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Watcher is an automated tool for tracking and monitoring changes to webpages. Watcher will monitor and
detect changes to page titles (title tag), page description (description meta-tag), first-level heading in a document
(h1 tag), page content and HTTP status codes of pages (List of HTTP status codes).

Changes to title tags, description meta-tags, h1 tags and webpage content will be tracked
on auto-pilot. In order to monitor a particular section of a website (only textual content, one
or several text blocks or certain parts of HTML code), add the tags: <!--start_content--> and
<!--end_content--> to the source code of a web page.

Nowadays, most of CMS support dynamic content that can change in response to different
contexts or conditions: page views, ratings, polls, searches, the order of products, filters, user
status (online/offline) etc. Generally, there's no need to track changes to dynamic content.

Use special tags <!--start_content_off--> and <!--end_content_off--> to prevent monitoring of
dynamic content or any other content of a web page you'd like to exclude from tracking. All
content between <!--start_content_off--> and <!--end_content_off--> tags won't be scanned.

If necessary, you can add several <!--start_content-->, <!--end_content--> and
<!--start_content_off-->, <!--end_content_off--> tags to a webpage.

We recommend you to ask your webmaster or another professional to help you add tags to webpages.

How do I set up Watcher tracking?

Coming soon

How do I change the frequency of updates?

You can set Watcher reports to trigger with a particular frequency:

  • Every day
  • Every second day
  • Every third day
  • Weekly

Moreover, you can set times to run scannings and add one or several email addresses to receive reports.

Schedule reports
You can set Watcher to send you alerts when a website changes. Display them in the Informer or get to your
email. Each message contains a link. Click a link to access a page with a detailed report of all changes Watcher

Watcher report

Topvisor robot in server logs.

When the Robot visits a website, it sends to a web server information about itself. This information is a part of an
HTTP query, that looks as a text string with User-agent: or User-Agent: in the beginning.

Robot Topvisor will look as this: User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; TopvisorBot/1.0)