Guest link

You can create guest links to share your project with anonymous guest users. Guest users don't need a Topvisor account to access your project. You can generate a guest link and share it whenever and wherever you need. For example, you can post it on the social network page or attach to an email.

Create a guest link

Guest links do not expire and remain valid forever.

How do I share a project using a guest link?

To generate a guest link, follow the guide below:

  1. Go to the Dynamics page.
  2. Pick a period for a guest user to view, in the calendar on the toolbar.
  3. Press on the toolbar.

Copy a URL to share or post.

Options and restrictions

You can choose to hide search volume stats and project summary for guest users and forbid them to select dates in the project settings.

Example of a guest-link report


1 - Snippets display mode.
2 - Pick a search engine.
3 - Pick a location.
4 - Pick a keyword group.
5 - Select a time frame.

Options and restrictions

Search volume is hidden.
The summary is hidden.
The timeframe is unavailable.