Rank tracker: available ways to track your rankings

Keyword rank in SEO is a position of a website for a particular search term on a search engine. If you own
a website, it's highly important to know how your site ranks, keep rankings regularly updated and monitor
dynamics. The better you rank the higher percentage of people looking for a certain topic is visiting your
site. Your rankings have a huge impact on the traffic you get.

We offer you several handy ways to check your rankings. Choose the one that suits your needs best from
the list below.

1. Update all rankings within a project

In order to track rankings of all keywords within one project follow the below instruction:

  1. Go to the Projects page.
  2. Press Update button. Updating all keywords
  3. Confirm the operation and wait until you get fresh rankings.
  4. As soon as the task is completed you can check the results on the Dynamics page.

2. Get filtered rankings

You can apply filter and track rankings of a certain group, for a certain search engine or location.

  1. Go to the Dynamics page
  2. On the dashboard pick a search engine, a location, and a group. Select filter
  3. Press Update button.
  4. In the confirmation window check the box near "Apply filter and track rankings", and press Track ranks. Confirm the filter
  5. The cost will be automatically updated once you apply the filters.

3. Track rankings of random keywords

If you need to update a rank for a specific keyword, hover over it and press

Update a random keyword
As soon as the task is processed the button will change its state and you'll get a fresh ranking.

Rank updated

Billing details

The details of all operations under your account are listed on the Billing page.

Rank updated