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Field objects and types

API services are applicable to different data models.
Each model has a unique set of parameters.
For the list of data models and fields, view API Services.

Field types

  • int - integer
  • float - float
  • string - string
  • date - string in format: "yyyy-mm-dd"
  • array - array
  • object - object/associative array
  • set - one or several values (comma-separated) from the available values list
  • enum - one value from the available values list
  • int boolean - 0 or 1
  • array of int - array of integers
  • array of float - array of float values
  • array of string - array of strings
  • array of date - array of date values
  • array of enum - array of enum values

Common fields description

Field name Title Description
id Object ID ID of object you're working with.
project_id Project ID Project ID is used to select a project.
searcher_key SE

Search engine key:

  • 1: Google
  • 5: Bing
  • 6: Yahoo
  • 0: Yandex
  • 20:
  • 21:
  • 2: go.Mail
  • 3: Sputnik
  • 7: Seznam
  • 4: YouTube
region_key Region key

Region key (city, town, country or any other region) is used to select a region in Topvisor.

Each region key is unique in Topvisor.

region_lang Region language Region language defines a search results basic language for rank tracking and checking operations.
region_index Region index

Region index defines a set of unique parameters: searcher_key + region_key + region_lang.

You can find region index in the project region settings or by using a get/positions_2/regionIndex method.